Updates to KF2 have been few and far between since the early access version dropped months ago. There is a swath of frustration that’s been growing online in these months, as die-hard fans run out of things to do with the admittedly light offering of content.

Fans are divided between the angry, the supportive, and the lunatics. I fall somewhere in between the angry and supportive groups, although I’m leaning more in line with the angry horde at this point. Let’s take a look at some of what folks have been saying online.

Reddit user TempestWrath (in response to the question asked, “Should I buy this game in its current state?”):

No, don’t buy it. You’re just telling TWI that it’s fine to treat us like shit and nothing needs to change.

This is the kind of attitude that starts off as a minority opinion and edges further and further toward being the majority if things don’t change quickly, and that’s already started happening as we inch toward the end of August.

Here’s a more level headed approach from Reddit user squidthesid:

I wouldn’t, at least not until the first major content patch comes out. The core mechanics are very solid (outside of some questionable balancing in the current build), but the game is in a dire need of content. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a really fun game, but there just isn’t enough variety in the current build.

Well put! We wrote about the core mechanics extensively while we were locked in the middle of our honeymoon phase with the game. It was a time when everything was new, beautiful, disgusting, frantic, and fun. We’re still hungry for more, and I’m hopeful the finished product will deliver. Still, most folks paid $20 for early access to a game they expected would be updated often enough that it was worth coming back to regularly throughout the lifetime of the EA period. What we’ve gotten is one new map and some character models.

We're tired of killing this guy.

We’re tired of killing this guy.

A game like Killing Floor 2 – with all of it’s brilliantly tight core gameplay – is just crying out for some more inventive and competitive ways to play. It needs more variety outside of the classic “kill all of the Zeds with 3 of your pals” mentality.

However, all is not lost. There’s an update dropping at some point this week that promises to be the biggest one yet (though the bar is currently set down around your feet in that regard). Also, there’s a catch! More on that in a bit.

The update will include:

  • 2 New Perks: Demolition and Firebug
  • 2 New Maps: Catacombs and Evacuation Point
  • 9 New Weapons
  • New Characters
  • Stats Summaries: More info post-game
  • More Zed Weakpoints
  • Commando Talent Changes
  • A Complete Berserker Talent Overhaul
  • New Achievements
  • Map Voting
  • The ability to vote to kick idiots (I have no idea how this wasn’t included originally)

New perks! New maps! Map voting and kick voting – no brainers! How exciting is all of that? I can’t wait to play.

Now for that bit about the catch. This isn’t going to come as a normal update. It’s only available as an opt-in beta. This means that you’ll have to opt-in to get the update via Steam. It’s a strange choice that has some players confused, and others scared.

From TWI Forum user Diogenes:

I believe its a bit redundant to make a beta update in an early access game.
I mean, its already an early access game, things being unpolished was expected from the start…

I’ve thought LONG and HARD about this, you guys. I agree with Diogenes here. I don’t like the idea of dividing your player base this way. It should be generally accepted that early access means “there might be, but definitely will be bugs in this version of the game.” I think it’s silly to try and redefine early access and release this update as a peculiar opt-in beta.

It seems that Tripwire very much prefers to go the route of exposing players to bugs as little as possible, but making an update like this (as sizable as it is) an opt-in beta is unnecessary and counter-productive.

Let’s change course for just a moment and get into something more positive that I feel needs to be brought up and discussed extensively. Firebug’s tier 4 weapon is a microwave blaster.

The official description:

Tier 4: Microwave gun: Literally, a gun that shoots microwaves. Use this to make the zed’s ‘puff up’ and explode after a few seconds.

Initially, the image in my head was that of a gun that materialized the actual appliances and trapped the Zeds’ heads inside them. I’m thinking it’s more likely a focused beam of particle rearranging microwaves, instead. This is still totally acceptable and makes the Firebug perk entirely more interesting to me.

There is plenty to look forward to from this proven and talented studio. The finished game may very well be worth this wait. In the same way that a vacation destination is worth the drive, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to feel the pain of the journey. I’m still going to beg Dad to stop for McDonalds along the way.

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  1. Luke
    Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste

    I’m really surprised they haven’t added new guns for the existing classes, though. I think they’re being very ambitious with the animations that it actually takes them more time then they expected to push out the proper amount of content.

    The biggest draw to me would be a new type of game mode. Something core and defining to killing floor 2. A type of evacuation mode similar to l4d would be fantastic, where players needed to move from one area to the next in a linear map instead of a circular, open survival setting.

    Another interesting game mode might be one where you need to protect civilians in different regions of the map and perhaps escort them to evac points. This would encourage a more thrilling style of play that differs from what the current standard – that is either kiting enemies in huge circles and taking your time with it, or going to the same exact area on each map every time and bunkering down because it’s the most efficient and safest way to win.


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