It’s inevitable at this point. When a beloved IP the likes of Resident Evil decides to deviate from the path of righteousness, we’re bound to see legions of angry gaming purists raining hell down in the comment sections of blogs and YouTube videos.

“It’s a greedy cash grab!”

“#ScrewCapcon,” they Tweet through gritted teeth.

There is unfortunately a misconception that huge companies like Capcom with a ton of resources can only focus on one game at a time. This is not the case, especially when the game is built upon the Unity game engine – which is a more agile engine that likely doesn’t require a massive team effort to create a nice game.

We’re in the business of defending multiplayer games, so here goes: this looks like a fun spin on popular multiplayer shooters and I’m willing to give it a fair shake. It currently doesn’t have a US release date, however, so we could be waiting for a while.

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