If you’re a Destiny player who’s been passing on all of the paid DLC in favor of the vanilla Destiny experience, I have some bad news for you. Bungie has announced that vanilla Destiny players are about to run into a paywall.

From Kotaku (emphasis is mine):

As it turns out, The Taken King doesn’t just add a ton of excellent new stuff to Bungie’s ambitious MMO-shooter—it also locks out much of the old content both in PVE and PVP. Vanilla Destiny players can still access all the original story missions and raids, but they can’t do heroic strikes or nightfalls anymore. And because Bungie has totally revamped the way playlist strikes work, players without The Taken King can only run through the relatively useless level-20 Vanguard Legacy playlists—a big departure from the last incarnation of the game, which offered different tiers of playlists that anyone could access.

In the Crucible, while anyone with The Taken King installed can play through all the old modes and then some, vanilla players are stuck with three types of PVP playlists: Classic free-for-all, classic 3v3 (Skirmish/Salvage), and classic 6v6 (Clash/Control). If you don’t have The Taken King but only want to play one of those 3v3 or 6v6 modes, your only option is to pick a playlist and bail every time you get the one you don’t want.

Also, as you might expect, Destiny players who haven’t upgraded to Year Two can’t get the new subclasses, shiny gear, and cool quests that ship with The Taken King, which runs for $40. Vanilla players are also stuck with the old level cap of 34.

Here’s what you need to know. Destiny is a completely different game from what it was at launch. It’s changed a lot for the better, and there’s a new expansion that had quite a hype train following it around. Seriously, it looks very cool. Destiny’s player base has honestly held up surprisingly well, and Bungie has listened to its fans’ gripes and complaints while transforming their game into an overall better experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, this badass new expansion and huge update is about to make vanilla Destiny die-hards very unhappy.

I can’t recall another instance of a game punishing players who choose to not buy an expansion by taking legacy content away from them. This isn’t going to be pretty. The expansion – priced at $40 – is not a bargain either. It’s just $20 shy of the original cost of the game. Some have advised trading your original copy of the game in (which can get you around $20) and purchasing the Legendary edition of the game for $60. Doing so will allow you to buy The Taken King and all of the previous expansions for $40.

Needless to say, it would seem that if you waited all this time to just now jump into Destiny, you made a wise decision. The game is miles better than it used to be, and you can get ALL of the available content for $60. That’s what all of us suckers who already bought the game originally had to pay. You might argue that this is finally the game Bungie really wanted to show us in all of its glory. The catch is that a lot of us already paid for it a year ago, and now we’re being asked for more.

You bought a chair. They’re offering you a better one. If you say no, they’ll cut two of its legs off.

Welcome to the gaming industry: circa 2015.

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  1. GalleyThePirate

    I feel like this is pretty much what most actual mmos do now and since Destiny is headed in that direction Bungie figures they can start treating it’s player base like mmo customers sans the monthly fee.

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      You’re right, it does kind of feel like a sneaky monthly payment. Though, perhaps it’s more of an annual payment in this case.


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