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Longest Online Friendship?



  • KopekKopek 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 2
    Now for a better post, it’s funny how the Clan Hex stuff has had a real staying power in its own ways, and differently with everyone. I still talk to Butters regularly, and he was a groomsman in my wedding. The night before we hung out with Syn in some hipster NY restaurant I couldn’t find again if I was given perfect directions.

    Currently I live in Attleboro, MA, with my wife and our four month old which is nuts. My battle net tag is kopek#1911 if you ever want to play overwatch or hots.
  • UnsouledUnsouled 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 1
    Butters said:

    Is this where we post for nostalgia?

    Appears so.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • troddehtroddeh 43 PointsModerator Battletoad
    Posts: 516
    OH SHIT. I randomly decided to check out the forums after like 2 years. So I've been chatting with Pict lately and we're all suppose to have dinner sometime. I went to Seattle in August of 2017 and met Whitemoon and Mechko and Grimhorn. Kopek, I visit North Attleboro every year at the end of July. How do you like the shitshow that is Bagels and Cream? We go to Shogun often when I visit, maybe stop by for a drink in July.
  • RaptosRaptos 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 1
    Oh wow! Today I dug up this old replay from DOTA... forever ago (!) with some Hexxers and then I found this thread on the Google! Technology!!

    I *think* I ended up on Bleeding Hollow -- but probably Horde and not Alliance. ;) It was a long time ago! I do remember rocking the final 24- or 48- hour open beta with several of you just before WoW officially launched. For the last two hours of play before server shutdown it was complete mayhem in Ashenvale. A few hundred level 18s going at it. (The NPCs won.)

    ...hey Pict!
    1280 x 1024 - 3M

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