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Longest Online Friendship?



  • KopekKopek 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 2
    Now for a better post, it’s funny how the Clan Hex stuff has had a real staying power in its own ways, and differently with everyone. I still talk to Butters regularly, and he was a groomsman in my wedding. The night before we hung out with Syn in some hipster NY restaurant I couldn’t find again if I was given perfect directions.

    Currently I live in Attleboro, MA, with my wife and our four month old which is nuts. My battle net tag is kopek#1911 if you ever want to play overwatch or hots.
  • UnsouledUnsouled 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 1
    Butters said:

    Is this where we post for nostalgia?

    Appears so.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • troddehtroddeh 43 PointsModerator Battletoad
    Posts: 516
    OH SHIT. I randomly decided to check out the forums after like 2 years. So I've been chatting with Pict lately and we're all suppose to have dinner sometime. I went to Seattle in August of 2017 and met Whitemoon and Mechko and Grimhorn. Kopek, I visit North Attleboro every year at the end of July. How do you like the shitshow that is Bagels and Cream? We go to Shogun often when I visit, maybe stop by for a drink in July.
  • RaptosRaptos 5 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 1
    Oh wow! Today I dug up this old replay from DOTA... forever ago (!) with some Hexxers and then I found this thread on the Google! Technology!!

    I *think* I ended up on Bleeding Hollow -- but probably Horde and not Alliance. ;) It was a long time ago! I do remember rocking the final 24- or 48- hour open beta with several of you just before WoW officially launched. For the last two hours of play before server shutdown it was complete mayhem in Ashenvale. A few hundred level 18s going at it. (The NPCs won.)

    ...hey Pict!
    1280 x 1024 - 3M
  • PictPict 6 PointsMember Tadpole
    Posts: 4
    Hey Tos! Long time no see! And hey again to everyone else. Wayback machine indeed. Where's everyone gaming these days? I'm mostly on Xbox it seems. Having a toddler means being able to play something I can walk away from quickly. HoN was my go to after WoW days. I did reactivate my WoW account, but haven't really jumped on to play. You can catch me on Facebook or Twitter if you're on there. Real name is Marcus Mauney. I'm on FB with Jimmy, Syn, Dennis, Midget, Matt, and Spilo. Hope to see you guys around! And yes Jimmy we gotta meet up for dinner soon, we live like 45 min from each other now.

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