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WTF Youtube

YoshibbYoshibb 63 PointsEditor Battletoad
Ok, seriously, what is going on with this website. Yeah I know they've always been pretty crap and I know they have zero competition but this craziness is getting out of control. Copyright strikes are one thing but now I'm seeing some of my favorite channels actually get deleted. Some are just being restricted but others are are downright gone for days until thankfully fans make enough of a ruckus to get youtube to press the unban button.

Here's the thing, these people aren't doing anything wrong. The I Hate Everything channel was shut down for term violations. The video they sited is just him destroying a DVD of a bad movie. What?? Then they just reinstated it when people got pissed and still didn't even give a reason for why they killed his channel in the first place.

I mean what if this happens to channels without a huge fanbase? I guess screw you, all your work for subscribers is now down the drain because youtube isn't even responding to questions about this. This is so ridiculous, this is what happens when a place has an absolute monopoly like this.


  • JAGYOOARJAGYOOAR 468 PointsAdministrator Battletoad
    edited January 2016 Posts: 1,932
    They just have highly abusable takedown policies. You can create a copyright claim on a video that's trashing your product or work and I believe youtube automatically takes it down and asks questions later. They manage their ludicrously large amount of content with bots with the goal of protecting youtube legally.

    It's the equivalent to going to a bookstore and burning all the magazines that speak poorly of you or your work. I'm not 100% on this, but I actually think it's possible for trolls to abuse their system by just posing as the content creator and requesting that videos be taken down for "infringing on copyrights."

    They're too big to fail without some massive revolt or marketing campaign to pry everyone away. Dailymotion tried, that place is just overrun by porn now. :))

    We actually had an issue with our podcasts on youtube recently. We asked the musical artist for permission directly to use his song for our intro, then months later we had a notice from youtube informing us that his label or management company had put a copyright claim on all of our videos.

    However as youtube put it in the message, "It's okay though! Your videos can stay up, they're just going to be monetized by X company. They'll run ads on your videos and you can't make money on any of them." So the few listeners we had were going to get annoying ads, we didn't make a cent from them and wouldn't have the opportunity to make money in the future as long as that was our intro song. 15-30 seconds of a song we had written permission from the artist to use meant we couldn't make money off of our content.

    So yeah, a lot of people are aware of how horrible youtube has become with this stuff, but there's nothing we can do about it. Copyright laws need to change.
  • SaltyJoeFriesSaltyJoeFries 383 PointsMember Battletoad
    Posts: 497
  • YoshibbYoshibb 63 PointsEditor Battletoad
    Posts: 369

    we should all move to vimeo

    Well, I Hate Everything tried that and they banned him for no reason there too. Like I said, there is no competition, so Youtube doesn't give a shit.
  • YOGZULAYOGZULA 678 PointsToad Lord Battletoad
    Posts: 3,539
    The copyright laws and policies on youtube are just really absurd. They need to sit down and revise them to be somewhat reasonable.
  • YOGZULAYOGZULA 678 PointsToad Lord Battletoad
    Posts: 3,539
    i'm now thinking about the intro video I made for DnD + also using any copyrighted soundtracks in DnD itself. We could upload 3 hour videos with 4 minutes of copyrighted music and the revenue for watching would go to someone else?

    i'm gonna have to look into this. Gonna be real mad if I can't use the intro video I made
  • YoshibbYoshibb 63 PointsEditor Battletoad
    Posts: 369
    And now they terminated Team Four Star's channel. Yeah, it'll get put back up because people will make them put it back up but it is such bullshit that this keeps happening. Is really nothing ever going to be done about this?

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