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XCOM 2 stream - Enlist today!

YOGZULAYOGZULA 678 PointsToad Lord Battletoad
edited February 2016 in Video Games
I'm going to be playing on ironman legend mode, so prepare to die.

If you would like to be a part of the XTOAD squad, register right now with Commander Yogzula and he will enlist you when the world is in need of your service.

-Your full name
-Your nickname (something cool, not "my name is geofrry but my nickname is Jeff." Pick something like "Rhino" or some shit.
-A picture of yourself and/or a description of what you want your character to look like. I will model custom characters after your likeness.

optionally include:
-A bio for your soldier. This is kind of like a background thing that I can enter into the game, but we won't see it and it probably won't matter. What will matter is your epitaph, but I get to write that after you die, recounting your gruesome death.

-your preferred class (no promises here, you'll probably just get what's available)

Thanks for enlisting, soldier.


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