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Fallout 4 and Battlefront Win DICE Awards

JAGYOOARJAGYOOAR 468 PointsAdministrator Battletoad
edited February 2016 in News
Much to @yogzula's chagrin, I'm sure, Fallout 4 won the DICE Award for Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction, and Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year.

The Fallout hype machine continues to fire on all cylinders. Congratulations to this overrated game and the ravenous fans that are picking up their pitchforks as they read this sentence.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars Battlefront reboot took home the award for Action Game of the Year. Let's have a look at what the people thought of this game first.


You're seeing that right. A game that was mostly panned by players for its lack of content, DLC walls, repetitive fire fights, and – quite frankly – a lack of fun is your "Action Game of the Year!" Wow! Congratulations EA! You didn't earn it.

These are dark days.


  • YOGZULAYOGZULA 678 PointsToad Lord Battletoad
    Posts: 3,539
    DICE awards are a joke :)) :)) :))
  • JAGYOOARJAGYOOAR 468 PointsAdministrator Battletoad
    Posts: 1,932
    Regardless, it was a weak year for gaming. 2015 sucked.
  • YoshibbYoshibb 63 PointsEditor Battletoad
    Posts: 369
    It kinda says something about AAA games when the biggest and probably most beloved game of the year was an indie game that cost $10 (Undertale)
  • JAGYOOARJAGYOOAR 468 PointsAdministrator Battletoad
    Posts: 1,932
    That was not the response I expected out of you from this thread.
  • YoshibbYoshibb 63 PointsEditor Battletoad
    edited February 2016 Posts: 369
    JAGYOOAR said:

    That was not the response I expected out of you from this thread.

    Why? Cause I like Fallout 4? Doesn't mean I think it's a game of the year masterpiece. I still enjoyed it probably the most out of every game this year and I can appreciate it as one of the very few games that gives some choice, story, and decent characters, but I can also see the flaws.

    It probably should've gone to the Witcher 3 but I never got into that series so I can't make an absolute judgement on that. But the AAA industry is a stagnant mess right now.

    Most of the companies I'm interested in seem more focused on creating diverse characters and pandering rather than actually understanding what diverse means. The rest of the game companies are just sending out bare bones products of previously well received games *cough*BattlefieldHaloCallOfDuty*cough* with promises of giving you the rest of the content 'eventually' or forcing you to pay for it.

    Where are the people who are redefining the industry and trying new things? In the indie market. Besides the guys who actually fix the mistakes of AAA games to make them playable or better, there's also the guys who are creating games with more depth and interesting mechanics with a pea size budget.

    I enjoyed fallout 4 and I love the series, even if they remain relatively similar, but I also like new and interesting things too. I remember when I played Mass Effect for the first time, I was blown away. I haven't had that feeling in years when it comes to AAA games.

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