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A speech for the toadboys

AirlizardAirlizard 35 PointsMember Slippy Toad
Thankyou Teegs, Yog, John , salty and everyone else who's here today and here on this date John (Jagyooar) has given me Airblizard123 ( Will) mod statis. I just want to thank the great people of Multitoad for being such great guys with amazing streams even the ones i can't play w/ John and Luke. Yogzulas ( Luke) and Johns personality has made this stream come alive. teegs yourve been a great commentator with john and luke ( Yogzula( you have been very loyal and always bring personality to the stream. Salty even tho you timed me out when i came on the first stream i went to on Multitoad your've become one of my favs :D . John, Luke you guys are one of my favourite streams and will always and your the best toadsboys ive ever known


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