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dillonpotter15dillonpotter15 21 PointsMember Tadpole
So is this site pretty much abandoned? Will Multitoad ever stream again? It seems like everyone has fallen of the face of the Earth lol. I don't visit here often but have I missed something?


  • JAGYOOARJAGYOOAR 468 PointsAdministrator Battletoad
    edited December 2016 Posts: 1,932
    Our activities were unofficially postponed indefinitely a while ago. The last thing I was working on was a fun streaming app with games and tools to augment the stream (that I wanted to open up to any streamers at some point) and that is still live albeit unfinished here:

    We had a great time and learned a lot from you guys. A return of some kind in the future certainly isn't out of the question but we don't have anything definitive in the works as of this moment. Take care. :)>-

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