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SL i-League StarSeries Playoff Predictions! (CS:GO Tournament)

DreadDread 6 PointsMember Tadpole
G2 | W - L | FaZe
North | W - L | HellRaisers
Na'Vi | W - L | Fnatic
CLG | L - W | Astralis

--Semi Finals--
G2 | W - L | North
Astralis | L - W | Na'Vi

--3rd Place Decider--
North | W - L | Astralis

--Grand Final--
Na'Vi | L - W | G2

6th Place: Fnatic
5th Place: FaZe
4th Place: Astralis
3rd Place: North
2nd Place: Na'Vi

1st Place: G2

(Even though i cheer for G2, my decision is not biased as their performance lately has been Incredible!)
(Astralis is defending championship but is heavily overrated)


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