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  • click this topic and i will reveal to you the best cheese

    Smoked Gouda is great, but there is no such thing as the best cheese. They are all the peak of deliciousness.
  • End of the world September 28th 2015

    I have a fear of these types of apocalypses, but I read up a little more on the 2012 one and the mayans said that it was ridiculous. I don't know about this one but it's probably similar. Plus the Gregorian calendar is off anyway. Oh and if those people calling for the end of the world are christians (which I think is where this 2015 end originates from)? Rule them out immediately. The bible says that no one will know the exact date, so those people are full of shit.

    You want something actually worth worrying about? Yellowstone is a supervolcano that is due to erupt. Or how about solar flares, asteroids, or someone deciding to start World War 3 with a few nuclear bombs? That stuff is actually legit.
  • Get Well Soon, YOGZULA

    Suck it up, already. God, your whining is worse than my father's.
  • Not on board the fallout 4 hype train

    See, right here is why I can't take your review of Fallout 4 seriously. You already wanted to hate the game before it even came out. Your two points are it doesn't have Co-op and no challenge.

    Ok, so the Co-op thing. I get that you and my brother like multiplayer games a lot, but Bethesda likes creating single player game experiences. Not all RPG games need to have multiplayer. There is nothing in description of an RPG that says that it has to be multiplayer. if they don't want to add it and want to spend development time on something else, it's dumb to hate a game because of that. That's their choice.

    Secondly, I've heard this complaint a lot about innovation. Here's the thing, you may not like Bethesda game, but a lot of people do, ALOT. 750 million dollars worth of sales means you probably shouldn't change that much. They have added some things as far as character interaction, a crafting system, voiced protagonists. But things like VATS are a staple of Fallout, and you don't even have to use it if you don't want to. But I guarantee people would be pissed if you took it out. I happen to enjoy this style of combat. Yeah I like strategy in games but I also don't mind just blowing through guys. My favorite part of Bethesda games are stories and characters.

    Here's my problem. It's quite obvious that you wouldn't be satisfied with Fallout or Elder Scrolls unless it became a completely different game. The truth is that it just isn't your thing. And that's fine but it doesn't make Bethesda a 'shitty' company. Unlike companies like Ubisoft, EA, or activision, they spend 3-5 years developing their games. They put a lot of love and effort into these games. They don't just pump out sequels year after year and rake in massive cash for the bare minimum.

    I don't want MMOs, I don't want a massive overhauls, I just want to play my Bethesda games. And I have played Fallout 4 for about 40 hours now and I'm very happy with it. And there are millions of people who feel the same way.