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Toad Lord
  • XCOM 2 stream - Enlist today!

    nickname will be shortened to "Rhino Shit". Give me a christian bale movie to model him after
  • David Beckham Nude

    Check out that bulge though.
    he's got a fat hog
  • Dungeons & Toads

    2 deaths saves and 2 death failures is now all you get while you are downed

    Success ----- Failures
    0 --------------------- 0 :you are incapacitated instead of unconscious. You can still talk and move at 5 feet per turn. You can make ability checks at disadvantage, but can not use attacks or spells.
    1 --------------------- 0 :you are recovering consciouness and can move at 1/2 your speed and make attacks and cast spells at disadvantage
    2 --------------------- 0 :you are back in fighting condition with 1 hp
    1 --------------------- 1 :same as 0:0
    0 --------------------- 1 :you are unconscious
    0 --------------------- 2 :you are dead

    stabilizing a player now gives them advantage on their death saves.
    Flanking rule is removed

    +1 hit for attacking within 5 seconds is removed, but losing hit on taking too long is still intact

    2 death saving throws instead of three

    Additionally, I'm still coming down hard on meta gaming and am gonna amp it up. This means anytime you talk out of character that I don't deem appropriate or that I think negatively affects the gameplay experience.

    Also I want to make something clear that everyone may not agree with - but it's essential to keeping the gameplay smooth and enjoyable. Don't question the DM. I'd say this to any group, not just one I DM. "Why does that creature have 40 movement, why can it attack twice, what spell was that, etc." are all disruptive. If my NPCs do something, just assume they can do it. Monsters and NPCs don't always operate on the same rules that PCs do.

    Even for those that do, it is 100% the liberty of the DM to change those rules. If I say something is the way it is, just roll with it. Questioning me only slows the game down and lowers my attitude and probably other peoples as well because arguing over petty shit isn't fun.

    I understand you would make a judgement call differently from me, but part of the advantage of being the DM and putting hours into designing a world, NPCs and each session is that I get to make those calls and PCs don't. I want to be fair and I want everyone to have fun - but part of having fun is not having petty arguments. If I say 'you can do this, you can't do that, this npc does this, he doesn't do that' you should just be like "Ok, this is how I want to react to that in game". If you disagree that's fine and I respect that. If you disagree with me so much that it causes you actual distress then talk to me outside of the game about it and we'll figure it out.

    The petty arguments are affecting my enjoyment of the game. I will not always be right, even times I will be objectively wrong, but remind me of the rules I got wrong after the session rather than during. At times a judgement call is required. I will say something like "you can't hit him from where you are". You may disagree, which you are free to do, but the fact remains that what the DM says is law. Arguing about it accomplishes nothing. It hurts the experience for everyone when the game is interrupted.

    I'd also like to add that this implies to other players as well. If a player says "my spell does this" it is not your job as a PC to interrupt the game and go 'woah hold on that doesn't sound right!' that's my job. It's a job only one person is supposed to have for a reason. Don't question the mechanics of what other players are doing, leave that to me. If I ignore it and you know i'm wrong, just try to deal with it and move on.

    I will be doing my best to keep things fun and fair. Combat will be balanced and anything I do is to keep things interesting and fun, not to murder all of you. You need to trust in that and trust in me.

    Like I said, not trying to be an ass, but I hope that makes sense to everyone. I also want to add that you guys have been great and I'm really proud of you all for doing voices and being so excited to get involved with the story every session. This isn't a big deal and nobody specifically is the culprit or doing anything I've mentioned above in excess, it's just something I noticed and wanted to address.

  • Whats your favorite animal

    also sometimes brazilians as long as it is domesticated
  • Cooking

    everyone knows he's a dingaling