LUCKY ME. I played this game enough to find about 20 “legendary” purple orbs, only to have every single one of them turn out to be some lame rare item because Bungie hates me. This was before they updated the system so that all purple orbs resulted in legendary items and simply made them harder to find.

Bungie caught a lot of flak for their brutally unforgiving loot system in the early-goings. I defended Destiny couple months ago, and I still stand by it. Still, I can’t say I’m not bitter about how much of a whiff the loot system has been. It’s been a long time since I’ve even booted the game up, and most of the fault lies on how high the barrier to entry was for raids. I couldn’t get enough friends to focus long enough to level up to the minimum.

I wasn’t part of the group the exploited the loot cave back in the day. Perhaps I should have. I’ve been stuck in that purgatory where you need bigger and badder items to reach higher levels for quite some time. Maybe Bungie was noticing more and more people like myself who had put the game away and this is their way of bringing folks back in. I might give it another shot just to get my hands on one of those elusive things.

Reportedly, the items will be delivered later in the week.

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