When THQ met it’s inevitable demise back in December of 2012, they auctioned off their assets shortly thereafter. One of the IP’s they auctioned off was Evolve, from Turtle Rock Studios. Take-Two Interactive shelled out a whopping 10.8 million dollars for the publishing rights. This comes as no surprise given Turtle Rock’s reputation and past work.

New details have emerged regarding Evolve, and Game Informer’s February Issue will feature the game on its cover. What we’re looking at is a cooperative multiplayer game where players assume the role of 4 hunters and 1 monster. The monster gets progressively more challenging to defeat as time goes on. Sounds like one hell of a Tank battle.

Evolve is only being released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Good news, considering how this means the developers don’t have to worry about spending extra time making it work for 8 year old tech. It’s scheduled to drop this fall, and we’ll be watching this one carefully around here.

This is big, people.

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  1. Luke VanTrieste
    Luke VanTrieste

    ‘Parasite’ from warcraft 3 custom maps comes to mind. Many other games come to mind, too. Awesome concept that never got a AAA or even indie adaption. I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

      • John Lusky
        John Lusky

        This actually sounds like an action/sci-fi version of that “Damned” game you were talking about a while back. 5 players, 1 is the monster.

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