Congratulations to Timothy “Yazkin” Masters for being our very first community contributor. Check out his youtube pages here and here and be sure to stay tuned for more Evolve spotlights.


Today we’re showcasing the original tier of hunters in the upcoming game Evolve, set to be released on February 10th.  Evolve emphasizes a 4v1 multiplayer mode where a team of 4 hunters are tasked with tracking down and killing a lone alien monster.  With the potential for competitive play and near endless replayability, Evolve is looking like it very well may be my personal favorite game of 2015.  Turtle rock studios has announced 12 hunters and 3 monsters ready to be played on release with more to be introduced as DLC.  Today we’re shining the spotlight on the original 4 hunters that started it all…

Last but not least, introducing the star of the show who was inspired by a combination classic movie monsters – the incredible, the hungry, the big daddy dominatrix, Goliath.

There will be more Evolve spotlights leading up to the launch of the game. We’ve got a thread started for Evolve on the forums and plan on streaming it as soon as it launches. Join us on the forums!

credit to Takran for our featured Evolve image

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    • PhantomShadowz

      Holy crap there’s a beta in two days? We should all download it and play. Reply back if interested.


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