It wasn’t too long ago that we first started talking about Evolve, a new FPS from Turtle Rock Studios (the same group that brought us Left 4 Dead). These guys are aiming to reinvigorate the multiplayer FPS genre once again, and some new information  is making this game sound brilliant.

Lets highlight a few things recently brought to light that I find particularly interesting.

The game revolves around 3 monster stages

My understanding is that the stagethe monster is in dictates a lot of the gameplay. The first monster introduced, “Goliath,” has 3 stages in its evolution. If you’re the monster, you start out in stage 1 and this is obviously the weakest stage. The monster’s goal is to avoid the hunters in this stage because the 4 hunters can easily overwhelm it. The monster gains a special ability (like fire breath) after it levels up to stage 2 and 3. If it reaches stage 3, it will have all 3 special abilities and the hunters will have a very difficult time taking it out. Apparently, the monster and its hunters are most evenly matched during stage 3.

It’s not just between you and the monster

There are other beasts populating the vast wilderness of the game world. Some can be just as dangerous as a stage 1 Goliath, while some serve other purposes. This is where Evolve becomes much more than just some glorified Left 4 Dead Tank fight. For example, the monster can choose to kill and eat these creatures to progress to the next stage faster, but doing so will leave clues for the hunters to its whereabouts. Such creativity is expected from Turtle Rock at this point.

There is a single player mode

Turtle Rock is keeping quiet about this, but they’ve made it clear that the story isn’t very important to them. Some people don’t like that, but personally I don’t care.

The monster can be computer controlled

This was something I questioned when the game was first announced. We can confirm that any number of players can start a multiplayer match. You don’t need to assign a player to be the monster, as the AI is capable of taking over the role. I’m very happy to hear that, and if there is anyone who is capable of writing AI for such a complicated boss battle, it’s Turtle Rock.

I’ve always felt like playing against the AI zombies in the L4D games was the most fun (yes, I’m sure I’m in the minority). I feel like putting a real player behind the monsters in these games humanizes them in a weird way and takes me out of the experience.

The game is too powerful for the old generation (Xbox 360/PS3)

TRS explicitly stated that Evolve was a game that couldn’t be made for the old console generation. It was too ambitious for it. It makes you wonder how many games were held back in the past by this sort of thing.

I’ve no doubt that Evolve will keep me screaming like a small child on a consistent basis, and I’ve made peace with that.  It’s still slated for a Fall 2014 release.

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