The best part of Call of Duty as it currently stands is back in familiar fashion. The Havoc DLC, as it is officially titled, became available to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players this morning. However, there are a couple of changes this time around:

  • Some of the zombies are (obviously) wearing Exo suits. These are the most mobile Call of Duty zombies we’ve encountered.
  • YOU have an Exo suit, with the major caveat being that you don’t spawn with one like you do in Exo Survival. You must first reach the Exo Room and equip one. This sucks – more on that later.
  • It looks like they garnered some inspiration from Killing Floor, as the zombies equipped with Exo suits bare a strong resemblance.
  • Activision realized they could grab an enormous increase in DLC revenue by staggering Exo Zombies’ release and charging an extra $14.99 to play it. This is the first time a COD zombies mode has not been included with the original $59.99 charge (this was inevitable, people).

I’ll admit that I haven’t sunk a lot of time into the new mode as of yet. Still, I have some first impressions that I feel are worth discussing.

It seems unavoidable that we’d be dealing with zombies in Exo suits, I suppose, but I’ve already heard some grumbling about “zombies with jet packs” from some friends that are long time fans of COD zombies. I’ll tell you one thing, it makes for a lot of boost jumping around wildly while on the run. If you find yourself without an Exo suit of your own, you’re in big trouble.

You’re consistently flanked on all sides during the later waves, and it only takes a few strikes until you go down and begin to bleed out. That brings us to the next topic at hand. You don’t spawn with an Exo suit. You must find the “Exo Room” and activate the station that supplies them. If you bleed out and your team makes it to the next wave, you have to go find it again. This becomes a huge drag in the later waves because you barely get a breather in between rounds before you’re assaulted again.

When you’re loaded up with a powerful weapon, an Exo suit, and various other upgrades, it feels great. The game is fast paced and fun. This is clearly the way the game was meant to be played, so why punish players by forcing them to find an Exo suit every time? It feels akin to the way we’re forced to remain stationary while aiming in Resident Evil games. Taking away half of my movement abilities is a cheap way to ratchet up the tension, and I don’t agree with it. Don’t even get me started on the heavily limited sprinting and plodding movement speed after your character becomes fatigued. I’m hilariously out of shape and EVEN I CAN SPRINT FOR LONGER PERIODS OF TIME THAN THESE PEOPLE.

Anyways… let’s get back to a more positive subject matter. The zombies themselves look fantastic. It seems as if Sledgehammer are fans of the popular indie game, Killing Floor. They resemble the mutated monsters found there. They shamble and lurch forward like your classic COD zombies, however. Your shots are most effective if they find brain, but the bastards are swinging around so wildly as they run that it’s difficult to line up your shots.

If you’re wondering about the perks that have been purchasable in previous COD iterations, you’ll be happy to know that these are back as well, only instead of boarding up windows you’ll be activating laser security blockades.

Havoc will set you back $14.99, and that’s a shame, but I can’t say it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. Now let’s get to a point where it’s available as a standalone game. I wouldn’t have a problem with avoiding the rest of the Call of Duty experience all together.


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  1. PhantomShadowz

    For it to be standalone it would have to do much more than what is presented in this 15 dollar package with maps for multiplayer in tow. As it stands for me, the zombies mode is fun but gets old quickly (a major thorn that has always been an issue with zombies). For the MP maps… they’re all garbage. Either too big with multiple camp spots, or so freaking small that you don’t have a second to breath I think this package was a miss in regards to the MP department.

    • John Lusky
      John Lusky

      I see what you’re saying but I quickly become addicted to the zombies mode. Okay, I died because I made this mistake last time, let’s see if using this gun works better or this area is easier to set up in. It can be a lot of fun. I haven’t tried the other maps but I trust what you’re saying is accurate.

  2. Steve

    Is it as expanded as Resident Evil Mercenaries on the 3DS compared to the minigame on RE3? I would hope so, if they are charging extra for it now.

    • John Lusky
      John Lusky

      I’m actually starting to reconsider my statement that it’s worth $14.99. It’s worth it for me, but mostly because I have a group of friends with Xbox Live that never seem to want to play anything except for COD zombies and GTA.

      They justify the $14.99 price tag by including 4 new multiplayer maps along with it, but I can tell you I couldn’t care less about those. Exo Zombies only has one map/mode right now. Alone, I would say it’s only worth an additional $5. Even that is a stretch when in the past, zombies were included in the original $59.99 purchase.


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