It’s almost been a month since Fight Night 2 and we’re already gearing up for Fight Night 3. I’ve finally got some highlights ready (unimpaired by Twitch’s oppressive audio muting) including our entrances, the Multitoad Minecraft Title Match, and the Multitoad Smash Bros. Championship Match.

First, here are our entrances.

Next up, the Minecraft battle of the century between our very own Whitemoon and Troddeh.

Finally, we have the Smash 4 Championship between Luke “Yogzula” Vantrieste and myself.

We apologize for any frozen stream issues you may notice as we were having a lot of issues with Twitch and OBS throughout the night. Bloopers can be witnessed here.

Fight Night 3 is going to be even more explosive, complete with live action duels and more Smash 4 fun. The date will be announced soon along with a promo trailer. It’ll be late April or early May.

Stay tuned for more.

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