Fight Night 2 is almost upon us, and I’ve been streaming a decent bit of Smash 4 in preparation for the next main event. If  you tuned in last time, I was shut out by Yogzula. We want this next time to be bigger and better and filled with drama, so I’ve been improving my Bowser skills. Here are a few matches I felt were particularly entertaining.

JAGYOOAR (Bowser) vs. Paco (Toon Link)

This guy completely bodied me the prior match playing a campy but extremely well timed Villager. He switched to Toon Link for this one, and I was able to adjust to his play-style and be a bit more successful.

JAGYOOAR (Bowser) vs. Locke 06 (Zelda)

This is a player that I believe I lost two or three times in a row to previously. This was a hell of a comeback, even if I did benefit from a botched recovery at the end.

JAGYOOAR (Bowser) vs. Coach (Ganondorf)

I lost to this gentleman (he had a male Mii) once while playing as Bowser, so I tried Captain Falcon and lost even worse. I Switched back to Bowser and this match ensued. It shows some improved edge-guarding.



Fight Night 2 is tentatively scheduled for March 14th. Check back later this week for the confirmed date.

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John is a full-time web developer who writes and streams for He started Multitoad with Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste. John loves multiplayer gaming, his wife (known around the site as Queenie), his dog (Marble), horror movies, and sitting down with a nice craft beer. If you want to contact the author of this post, feel free to do so on the community forums.

7 Responses

  1. Yoshibb

    Not sure if the Bowser gets punched in the dick picture is the best cover photo for showing off his prowess.

    But I’m rooting for you none the less.

  2. troddeh

    That’s how strong Bowser is. Gets double teamed and takes the dick punch with open arms.

  3. John
    John "Jagyooar" Lusky

    Thank you for your support in this endeavor. We must unite to defeat the tyrant Yogzula and his fan club.

    The first stock against that Toon Link is my favorite, btw. It’s like porn for anyone who can’t stand campy Toon Links.


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