CAN I DO IT, FOLKS?! We’ll see next Saturday, March 14th at 9PM EST on See you guys then…

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  1. John
    John "Jagyooar" Lusky

    I can cut you guys into this if you want. I just didn’t think it sounded like Jimi wanted a rematch. If you do, say the word.

    • troddeh

      It was humorous to me that the 2 action shots showed John and Luke, Whitemoon and then a live view of my couch. I’ll be around for Fight Night 2 if you wanted me to join in. I don’t really care either way for a rematch. Is there any other games that will be played?

  2. Luke
    Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste

    we’ll probably explore the possibility of other games like mario kart but john and i are smash addicts and only really get to play when i’m over so it’ll still probably be mostly smash.

    if you guys have suggestions we’ll try to work other stuff in too though


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