Before the holiday shopping season got into full swing and before GTAV for the Xbox One and PS4 was released, Rockstar unveiled a new feature that got a lot of buzz going: a fully functional first person camera option. Understandably, this was a pretty big deal at first. It’s easy to see why, as Grand Theft Auto had always been a third person gaming experience.

Initial reports were positive. The feature was getting a lot of good feedback online in gaming communities and news outlets. It didn’t look like a half-assed, tacked on feature. If you chose first person mode, you could play through the entire game with it on. All of the guns were modeled and all of the car interiors were fully fleshed out (very cool). This wasn’t some gimmicky tacked on mode meant to sell a few more copies to people who had already played the game. They clearly put a lot of time and effort into it.

I was able to give it a try for myself because I had GTAV for Xbox One on my Amazon wishlist and my awesome cousin bought it for me for Christmas (I likely would have passed otherwise). It plays pretty much how I expected it would: cool, not a huge game-changer, but still an improvement over the stale third person controls Rockstar had been clinging to.

Let’s talk about the cool parts first. It’s hard to deny the charm of playing GTA in first person. It is also hard to ignore the unsettling level of realism injected into the experience. The stunts you might have pulled in the past are much more intense. I’m still impressed with the car crashing physics, and the cars have a weightiness to them that feels very immersive.

Still, there isn’t enough here to warrant a second purchase if we’re going just on the lure of a new first person camera. The mechanics of the game are entirely unchanged. Your movement still feels sluggish with your character lurching forward, bobbing up and down to simulate the effect of walking to tiring effect. There’s still a comically overpowered auto-targeting system that renders the more challenging and rewarding old guard – actually aiming – completely pointless and outclassed. To put it simply, it’s the same oddly unsatisfying combat, but you’re a little bit closer to the action this time around.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to release for PC gamers on January 27th.


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  1. Luke VanTrieste
    Luke VanTrieste

    First person mode was added in preparation for the PC release, I think. Typically you can turn off headbobbing while running and auto-aim is typically off by default on PC. I know it wasn’t on in GTAIV so I have no reason to believe it will be on in GTAV.

    what you’re actually describing is console peasantry


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