Forced is a strategy co-op game where 4 players work together with their glowing blue orb sidekick to accomplish goals, or kill each other, depending on who your friends are.  Choose between the archer, paladin, warrior or rogue in your battle against an army of bad guys who you must defeat through brute force and clever tactics.  Also joining our casts of warriors is a blue orb spirit who has the ability to receive unique buffs from shrines that make him integral to the completion of levels.  Teamwork is put to the ultimate test in the controlling of your spirit companion due to every player having the ability to control it at the same time.  Such a design choice allows for fast and precise teamwork but also for a lot of mistakes and a lot of trolling due to the fact that you can turn the orb into a firey explosive device and ram it into your teammates if you so choose (it’s hardly a choice).  Once you get over the initial hilarity of blowing your friends to pieces you’ll come to appreciate all of the other great things are possible thanks to such a clever game mechanic.

forced 2 ss

Joining your friends is also super easy due to forced being fully integrated with the steam friends network.  Host a lobby, invite your friends, play.  Forget about firing up Hamachi or whatever other pain in the ass LAN program you have installed on your computer and used once to play some shitty indie title before realizing your friends entire porn stash is available through the LAN you just set up and OH MY GOD does this man have a lot of BBW ebony pornography on his harddrive.  Aside from the rare gems you might find using a third party LAN program to play multiplayer games, it’s a huge annoyance and more game developers need to put more effort into making playing with other people online more simple.  Forced has done just that and it’s enough to deserve a mention especially for an indie title.

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So it’s easy to play with your friends, but is it fun?  Heck yeah it’s fun you knucklehead.  This will of course depend on who your friends are because the game will start to demand a significant amount of teamwork.  Thankfully, Forced has something for everyone.  If you want a serious challenge and want to push yourself and your friends to your absolute limit you can try to land your squad on the global leader board for the fastest completion of a mission.  If you aren’t in it for the challenge and think you’d rather blow your friends up or see how many times they can zap you to death before your friendship is permanently ruined, you can do that too, trust me, I know.  I wasn’t able to sink that many hours into Forced because my friends are fickle bitches but I’d be excited to play it again when I can get 3 other people interested in playing with me.  I wouldn’t say Forced has a ton of replayability, but with 4 different classes you could get a unique experience 4 different times if you really wanted to.  I usually think the same thing about any game with multiple classes like Borderlands but by the time I reach the end of the game I kind of don’t ever feel like touching it again.  With forced, though, I’m not sure.  I’ve got a special kind of love for this game.


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