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Two and a half months late, sure. But this is more of an introduction to the way we’ll be doing reviews around here for the foreseeable future. We here at MultiToad know that there are literally thousands of gaming sites on the web that do reviews the same way. They’ll talk about whats good, whats bad, graphics, bugs, and the like.

MultiToad Reviews provide a unique perspective of the game based on a variety of factors relative to its playability with friends. Essentially we’re hoping to help you find the most fun multiplayer experiences around with minimal effort. It runs once a week or more and the games range from new releases to retro throwbacks. Final score is not based on an average of the criteria. If you’re looking for long-winded analyses of every aspect of the gameplay, you’re in the wrong place, but if you’re looking for a focused multiplayer review, read on.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Playable on: Xbox 360, PS3 (Confirmed for PC sometime early 2014)

Players: 1-16 (Online)

Local Co-op: No

Split screen: No

LAN/System Link: No

Game types: Deathmatch, Racing, cooperative missions, Survival, Heists (DLC coming soon), Golf, Tennis

GTA Online was an update that went live on October 1st, 2013. Rockstar shipped the game without it and released it for free 2 weeks later. GTA 5’s online multiplayer was unplayable for most people after it’s launch due to the demand on Rockstar’s servers and a variety of bugs.  Two and a half months later, the game works just fine, and there is a lot to do. A LOT.

As of right now, heists have not arrived. Rockstar recently announced that they wouldn’t be available until some time in 2014. Undoubtedly, they will breathe new life into the game. Rockstar also just recently pushed a new content creation tool live. A steady stream of updates have been coming along now that the bugs have been squashed.

GTA Online certainly sucks you in. Its an incredibly immersive game, on par with the likes of Skyrim and Mass Effect. Custom cars, real estate, and a faux internet full of satire add to the experience.

Venture into the public sessions with caution. As is commonplace with online console gaming, griefers abound. You’ll have the most fun with this game while playing with people you know. If you’re unfortunate enough to spawn in an area densely populated with random players, you’ll probably want to get out of there immediately. Experience tells me that about 95% of the folks that play GTA Online are just running/driving around trying to kill other players. Very few of them are interested in teaming up and running through missions or working together. Opt for passive mode and you can’t be shot or shoot anyone else. However, you can still be run over by the griefers, which is a shame.

There are a huge variety of game types and modes to play around with, and Rockstar is constantly working new content. Deathmatches and the like aren’t recommended, unless you like imprecise controls and auto aim mechanisms that hurt the experience. Impressively solid driving makes for fun, intense racing. Missions are hit or miss. Some of them can get pretty slow and tedious, while others are a blast. All of this variety makes for great replay value.

Any time a game forces online only multiplayer, it upsets me. Couch co-op is dying. Its almost a thing of the past due to difficulty in development and publisher greed. These guys would much rather force everyone to buy a copy of the game then build the game with local multiplayer capabilities. It means more money, and that wins. So if you want to play in the same room as someone, you had better have two consoles, two games, and two televisions on hand. Games like Borderlands prove that local cooperative gameplay is still possible, and its a shame that companies with the resources that Rockstar has refuse to entertain the idea.

However, the entertainment value with friends online is more than enough to cover this. The opportunities are endless. So many different gaming experiences are crammed into GTA Online. Just remember that its in your best interest to find some allies quickly.

We’re still trying to iron out all the details of how we plan on writing these reviews. If you have suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Also, as a reminder, we are actively looking for volunteers to contribute to MultiToad. If you love games, writing, and you know how to inject personality into your posts, send us your information and a sample of your work. Any applications should be sent to

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