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Nintendo’s sort of been dogging it these days, hasn’t it? Over a year has passed since it’s delightful underachiever, the Wii U was released. The Wii U hasn’t seen any of the success that the original Wii saw. It’s failing in the serious gamer market and it’s failing in the casual gamer market. What’s going on?

I’ve heard plenty of theories. It’s got a weak lineup of games. It’s being marketed the wrong way. It keeps making half-assed attempts at being a home entertainment device. Games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. should have been launch titles. It’s gay.

The original Wii was a fad. It blew up when everyone was playing their friend’s copy of Wii Sports. The pattern I noticed was that you’d have people of varying levels of video gaming interest trying one out and having a lot of fun. They buy one for themselves, play with it for a month, and after that point it just starts to collect dust. During my freshman year of college, everyone seemed to have a Wii and nobody was actually using it.

Nintendo deserves a lot of credit for doing something innovative with motion controls, but lets not get carried away. The Wii U is failing for all of the reasons I listed earlier (okay, minus the gay bit). It’s just not getting the word of mouth help that the Wii benefited so much from. In fact, the average consumer can’t even make out what the thing is.

Instead of naming it the Wii 2 or some other name that might cause one to immediately think of it as a new console, we’re calling it the Wii U and making it look extraordinarily similar to the Wii. Hell, why not put “Upgrade to Wii U” on our adverts as well? This couldn’t possibly confuse consumers and make them mistake the Wii U as some kind of add on to the original Wii.


It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new on account of the unofficial MultiToad Christmas hiatus, which lasted from the 21st until now. During a time where many of us were spending time with family away from work and our usual internet hangouts, Luke was working on his Christmas album and I was relaxing and drinking beer. With that being said, Rally Toad is here to kick things back off as we return to reality and do our best to shake off the realization that the worst weather of winter is likely yet to come. It’s going to get colder and February will kick your ass like it does every year.

And now…

The Roundup

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Zelda was confirmed for the new Smash game

Weird Board Game of the Week


Monopoly Empire isn’t strictly speaking, weird. It is, however, a piece of garbage that I feel must be destroyed. If I can save you from wasting your money on this shameful piece of crap, I will have succeeded. Essentially, what we have here is a cash grab by hasbro. Empire strips out everything fun and interesting about the original monopoly and makes it really, really lame. You take turns going around the board, buying up every brand you can. Whoever fills their tower to the top with billboard pieces first wins. Thats it. There’s no negotiating with other players, no building of houses or hotels, and no skill involved. It’s worth mentioning that they also threw the Miami Marlins in there for good measure.

Multiplayer Game I’m Currently Playing: Need For Speed Rivals

I look at the two ways of playing this game the way I look at character classes in any one of your average RPG’s. I’m probably going to end up favoring one of them and staying loyal whenever I play the game. That made the choice between cop or racer a particularly difficult one for me. My first thought was that racer would be more fun for obvious reasons. I’ve been going with cop consistently. Why? I don’t know, I just find it more interesting and challenging. I let my dad take a spin as a cop and it didn’t go so well for him. He crashed into everything, finally found a racer to chase, flipped his lights on, and quickly wrecked out (due to the prior reckless driving).

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