Count me in as one of the few people who found the Dynasty Warriors games to be a great time. I suppose it might be concerning if someone enjoys such a shallow, monotonous experience where the entire game is spent destroying hundreds of weak enemies.

These aren’t just weak enemies, either. These are brain dead, hilariously dull enemies who all but stand there and accept death. On rare occasions, one of them might work up the courage to stab at you pathetically before getting smashed 40 feet into the air with your sword. As he’s on his way back down, clearly limp and lifeless, you continue driving your sword into him. Again and again you juggle them, while the combo indicator praises you for being a real badass. One of your computer controlled comrades exclaims about how amazing that was. “Yes, my friend, you fight along side a GOD,” you think to yourself.

Without a doubt, this says something about your character as a human being if you find this to be a consistently good time, and I don’t care.

Shut up, this is a fair fight.

Shut up, this is a fair fight.

Enter Hyrule Warriors (working title), a game announced during the latest Ninentdo Direct that appears to be a spinoff of the long-running Dynasty Warriors series. Theres not much to say about the gameplay. If you’ve played a Dynasty Warriors game (and like it or not you’ve probably tried one at some point) then you know what to expect. I think its a cool idea, and Nintendo clearly stated that this is not the new Zelda game everyone has been anticipating, so theres no reason to believe that this will be taking focus away from that. It’s being developed by┬áTecmo Koei.

One thing we don’t know is if we’ll be getting any kind of a multiplayer mode out of this. Historically Zelda games have obviously been single-player experiences, but Dynasty Warriors has supported multiplayer modes. One thing I am certain of is that Dynasty Warriors, or any game that uses the engine, needs to support multiplayer. It has always been a game that is made more fun by being able to join up with a friend and smash up hundreds of minions together.

The teaser Nintendo showed didn’t allude to anything but single-player, and that makes me nervous. The days of games as predictable and absent minded as Dynasty Warriors being able to succeed without multiplayer support are over.

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  1. Whitemoon

    Man would I kill for some multiplayer Zelda. I was totally sure they would do something on co-op on the Wii U similar to Four Swords on the GameCube :/


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