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About 14 years ago, the first Sims game was released for PC. I was but a humble 10 year old child, and my parents weren’t cool with some aspects of the relationship simulation that went on in the game. I was, as a result, forbidden from playing it. I wasn’t one of those sniveling brats who played games behind my parents’ backs (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), so I didn’t bother with it.

Fast-forward to 2014. I’m 24 years old, and I HAVE played the Sims games at this point. Full disclosure: I’m not some kind of super fan of the game. My play sessions are quite limited, and I get bored with all of them rather quickly. My wife, on the other hand, has a deep rooted obsession. When she’s on one of her Sims kicks, she has a habit of looking up from her keyboard at me. With her eyes glazed over in some unsettling imitation of her Sim, she enthusiastically recites bits of Simlish that she’s memorized over the years.



Isn’t it time for the Sims to change, though? Sims 4 is confirmed to be another single-player game. The good news being that in staying true to its roots, it avoids EA’s now commonplace, draconian always-online restrictions. The game will only need an internet connection for the initial installation. Perhaps EA briefly considered giving Sims 4 online multiplayer, but changed their minds after the whole Sim City debacle.

If history is any indication, however, you’ll need an internet connection every time you boot the game up. Sims 3 was plagued with bugs and issues that made it entirely unplayable for large groups of people at times. It was coded so hastily and poorly that to this day, my wife still has trouble getting it to run smoothly without crashing. Even though the game isn’t always online, you’re probably going to be constantly checking to see if they’ve fixed the various issues that have rendered parts or all of the game unplayable.

Whatever the case may be, this series has gone stale. The new one is supposed to be released in the fall of this year, but there is next to no buzz about it. Here is a game that BEGS to be multiplayer. Let us assume for a moment that EA isn’t the horrible entity that it is.  Its developers and employees aren’t forced into ridiculous turnovers and made to release broken, buggy games. Their multiplayer policies are lax, Origin isn’t forced down your throat, and they don’t hold back features to release them as DLC.

How cool would it be to stroll over to your buddy’s house and interact with them? I’m not saying I want some kind of Second Life clone, but come on. There is huge potential here for good, clean multiplayer fun. Instead, it appears that EA is going with the safe route for this one. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This old adage rings true in MANY aspects of video game design. In the case of the Sims, however, it needs to be abandoned.

In other news, the final nail was recently driven into the coffin of my 5 year old MacBook Pro. The reason? I spilled a cup of water on it. I’m not one to make excuses, but the lack of activity on the site in the past week can be blamed on this. Now, I get to take it into an Apple store so one of their “geniuses” can talk down to me like I’m some kind of idiot. “It’s not working because you spilled water on it. Also I see multiple dents and scratches along the body of the computer.” THANKS.

Moving on…

The Round Up

Here’s a fun Mario drinking game

Nintendo didn’t announce a new Smash release date

The Titanfall beta was fun, but it had issues

Crazy Board Game of the Week: Mall Madness


Here’s a board game that you’ll be ashamed to admit that you wholeheartedly enjoyed. You run around a three-dimensional, two-story game board while a computer voice randomly directs you to stores that have sales or clearances going on. The first player with 6 of the items on their list to reach the parking lot or the arcade, wins the game. I can’t explain to you why I found this so fun. I’m not proud of it.

Horror Movie of the Week: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane


This one sucked. I should mention that Horror Movie of the Week isn’t necessarily a badge of honor for the chosen film. A group of kids go on a trip to some loser stoner’s dad’s ranch. They’re predictably picked off one by one by a deranged killer… blah blah blah. The twist is that the scum bag guys have convinced the beautiful, hard-to-get Mandy Lane to join them on this trip. I can’t even talk anymore about it. The plot is so rife with cliches and predictable plot turns that I almost fell asleep. If you still don’t have your fill of moronic teen slashers, its on Netflix.

Multiplayer Game I’m Currently Playing: Loadout

When I can get Loadout to run properly, it’s a pretty entertaining game. The game has gone through some growing pains, as the devs clearly weren’t expecting such a huge explosion of players at launch.  Getting killed by the hammer in the “capture the flag” mode is a drag. What a truly emasculating experience. The genius in the game design is that it doesn’t matter how obvious it is that you need to keep your distance from the hammer-carrier. I always find myself sprinting in close to its defense, regardless, and I think you know how that works out for me.

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  1. John Lusky
    John Lusky

    Good call. I should have mentioned that one but it’s 12 years old and kind of a half assed version of what I’m looking for. I should also mention that the free to play cash grabber they released a while back is a piece of crap.

  2. Diane B.

    Fan of TSO! Loved it then. Miss it now. If we can have other mmo’s like WOW, minecraft or others, why cant EA get that going? charge a fee if needed. cop out that they havent implemented it. Bah!


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