I’ll spare you the long version of the lede here. Most of you are already very familiar with the ongoing feud between Jimmy Kimmel and the internet after he took aim at streaming and Let’s Plays on YouTube. If you aren’t, here’s the short version.

Kimmel made fun of and insulted the folks who watch people play video games online along with the people who run the shows. He received a vicious assault of dislikes, personal attacks, and threats for his trouble. He responded by calling out some of the particularly ridiculous attacks on the following show. That might have made it worse because he appeared to completely ignore the level-headed folks that just wanted him to understand a little better and cherry pick the worst of the bunch. He may have just been trying to get some laughs from his viewers, but it made the gaming community look like a bunch of ravenous, mouth-breathing monsters to the casual onlooker.

To be fair, there are a lot of those types, and they seem to congregate on YouTube to spew trash like “Get cancer” and “I hope you get AIDS” at anyone they don’t approve of. It sucks, but it’s not an accurate representation of the majority.

Well Kimmel decided to make right (kind of?) and bring some famous YouTubers (Markiplier and Jonna Mae) onto the show to share their side of the story and help him get it. The results were mixed. There were some bright spots– including Markiplier and Mae getting in some real and thoughtful insight that will without a doubt sway some opinions.

However, the majority of the video seemed like a total swing-and-a-miss to me. Feel free to check it out for yourself first.

Let’s break it down. Kimmel enters with a Power Glove on for some reason, and I guess that was supposed to be funny. I don’t know.

Mae starts by telling Kimmel she laughed but she felt insulted because it takes a ton of work to be a YouTuber. Kimmel then asks her “so why do you want me to get cancer and aids?”

Markiplier expresses the joy he gets out of going to conventions and meeting his fans – to which Kimmel responds with “and then you have sex with these people?” Uhg…

Then we reach a segment where Mae’s parents test out an Oculus rift loaded up with a Minecraft roller coaster simulation. They freak out and scream a lot, no one really seems to know what to say to add to it. Awkwardness ensues.

There’s also an uncomfortable bit where Kimmel asks Mae why she isn’t dating Markiplier when he “gets a million views” and “how many views does your boyfriend get?” They make a quick Let’s Play with Rocket League (this was the most watchable part of the segment). There’s a group hug and we reach maximum cringe as Kimmel remarks upon how awkward it was and tells the YouTubers they should try being around humans more often because humans don’t hug like that. End segment.

I still a little dumbfounded by all of this. The idea of playing games in front of audiences for laughs was brought into mainstream national media a while back by Conan O’Brien and his “Cluelss Gamer” segment. Conan’s segment IS A LET’S PLAY, and it’s very well received by almost everyone who watches his show.

It was a smart move for Jimmy Kimmel to produce that gaming segment for his show, but I don’t think you’d have an argument if you tried to tell me he gets it now. At least a pair of charismatic YouTubers were able to represent gamers sensibly.

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  1. Luke
    Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste

    History has taught us that the best thing to do when you don’t understand the interests of other people is to call them dumb, stupid nerds and to give them swirlies and pants them in the hallways. Nerds have been abused for decades at the hands of people who “don’t understand” their hobbies. Over the years this has changed thanks to godsends like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which teaches people that nerds aren’t to be laughed at, they are to be laughed with alongside a studio audience.

    Watching other people play video games, however, may still be under scrutiny by the ‘Men like football, Women like shopping’ authorities.


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