April is shaping up to be what is just a fine month for gaming in my eyes. At long last, we’ll be able to play the blast that is GTA V on PC in less than two weeks. And now there’s been word that Killing Floor 2 will be playable via Steam Early Access on April 21st for the price of $30. I’ve been feeling apathetic towards my library as it stands and this month seems to have what might be a cure.

I’ve been a harsh critic of the Early Access Program because of the way it’s been utterly abused by some less than trustworthy indie developers, but here is an instance where I believe it’s actually being used in the way it was intended by Valve. Tripwire Interactive released Killing Floor about ten years ago as a small indie shop and saw it experience a lot of success. It was roundly embraced and it’s still played occasionally today. Some Early Access games can actually be assigned with the faith that they’ll be used in a positive and productive way, and not in some underhanded attempted to hype up a broken mess of a game and never actually deliver a finished product.

The first Killing Floor is still a great game, but its engine is starting to show its age. I tried to pick it back up recently and was underwhelmed by some gameplay mechanics that are usually associated with the wear and tear of a dated game engine.

But that’s okay! Because Killing Floor 2 is en route, and it’s looking great. Check out some gameplay that was recently uploaded by PC Gamer (the last minutes are usually the most tense in Killing Floor matches if you don’t have 30 minutes).

Here’s some more info from Tripwire’s press release:

During the Early Access period on Steam players will be able to dive into a fully functional, highly polished subset of KILLING FLOOR 2 content, including:

• 3 non-linear levels
• 4 perk classes
• 27 weapons
• 11 Zeds
• 7 playable characters, including a female character
• 1 boss character (not the Patriarch)
• Mod SDK supporting custom level creation

Tripwire is known for listening to and engaging with their fans and it will be no different with KILLING FLOOR 2. During the Steam Early Access period the team is excited to garner real-time feedback from its loyal community and brand new players, in order to continue to hone and refine the gameplay experience to provide the best possible experience for the full official launch.

UPDATE: Tripwire Interactive was kind enough to send us an invite to the closed beta currently underway, so expect to see more coverage on KF2 and possible streams in the next week.

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  1. Whitemoon

    Really awesome seeing the gore-tech in action! Really like how they kept really true to the feel of the original, basically just a really big awesome update. I can’t believe we got some invites and also can’t wait to play it myself.

  2. PhantomShadowz

    That’s awesome! I would love to play and stream this with you guys as it looks like a ton of fun to play.


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