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It’s pretty hard to keep up these days. All of the awesome TV shows and games we have the option of digesting have my head spinning. Less than a year ago I made the decision to jump into Dr. Who and see what all the fuss was about. Dr. Who is 7 seasons deep, and any time you make the choice to get into a show as complicated as Dr. Who with such a large number of episodes, you’ve made quite a commitment.

You certainly can’t call yourself a “Whovian” if you’ve only seen the most recent couple of seasons. You’ve got to take the time to watch every season so you can become embedded into the lore and really get what the show is all about. Once I decided to take the plunge and realized how good the show was, I got through all 7 seasons in time to watch the 50th Anniversary Special while being fully up to date on the Doctor’s state of affairs.

I now own this shirt and wear it regularly.

I now own this shirt and wear it regularly.

I find that a lot of forms of entertainment which have large followings are like this. I started watching Game of Thrones last week (after thinking about starting for about 6 months) and I’m almost through the third season. Consider another show like The Walking Dead. Its been running for quite some time and it falls nicely into this category, but I’m not particularly interested in watching it.

I’ve heard too many varying accounts of the quality of the show for me to be willing to invest the time that would be necessary to catch up. The overall consensus seems to be that it shows flashes of brilliance but its laced with boring, monotonous dialogue.* Maybe its just that I’ve seen so many zombie flicks in recent years that I’ve become desensitized and tired of the genre.

I’ve noticed a pattern. Usually people who are holdouts for shows or games with rabid cult followings are just in a state of denial. It goes all the way back to childhood (albeit with a slightly different mindset). Junior’s parents won’t buy him a shiny new PS3, and a 360 fanboy is born. He cries, “Only losers have PS3!” One day, he gets his hands on a PS3 and realizes that he was just missing out.

That's right, you little punk.

That’s right, you little punk.

I’m honestly not sure why I passed on Minecraft for the last couple years. It was a pretty big phenomenon in the gaming industry and people are still playing it. I liken it to this pattern, though. To me, an outsider, Minecraft looked like it had a steep learning curve. I felt like I missed the boat, so why bother trying a game that’s now approaching 5 years old?

Well, my cousin gave me Minecraft (Xbox 360) for Christmas and I finally played it last night. Naturally, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long because I had a great time. Its a brilliant mix of pure creation and other classic gameplay elements. So simple, yet so complicated, effective, and fun. The 360 version even offers local 4 player split-screen cooperative play, and I’ve been championing this kind of gameplay since online-only multiplayer put a stranglehold on our industry.

The moral of the story is that if you’re on the fence about something like this, stop being a dick and give it a shot.

And now…!

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Weird Board Game of the Week: Mindflex


Would you just get a look at this shit right here?! This is Mindflex. The fun game you can break out in front of your friends so they can get a chance to witness what a great big weirdo you are. I was able to play this sucker because, luckily, my wife’s little sister has it. Here’s the messed up part- it actually kind of works. You attach these bizarre brain wave sensors to your temples and you control the speed of a fan with your mind. The fan blows a little ball into the air and you use a knob to rotate the track the ball sits on so it can pass through a little obstacle course.

I said it worked, but I didn’t say it worked well. Perhaps I just lack focus? Many times I got frustrated with trying to get the ball through the course. I would sit there, concentrating like I was Neo from The Matrix. The fan’s power meter rose as the ball lifted into the air. This was always short-lived, unfortunately. After a brief moment the power would go down and the ball would get knocked off the course or come to a rest on the bottom.

Eventually I just started grimacing, bearing down on the machine with all of the mind power I could muster up. The fan would burst into sudden life, blasting the ball feet from the machine. I then smirked as if this was some sort of accomplishment as my dog Marble ran from the room. “YES MARBLE, YOU WILL WITNESS MY POWER AND RECOIL IN FEAR AND REVERENCE.” **

Horror Movie of the Week: Vile


Oh boy, this was a bad one, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be based on my first impression with the opening scene. A couple 20-30 somethings are stuck in a house and forced to torture each other to escape. Theres a sadistic monitor on the wall that shows a “progress bar” of their escape. Whenever they inflict pain on themselves or each other, the percentage rises and the bar fills. If you’re thinking, “wow this seems really unoriginal,” you would be correct. It’s a Saw wannabe. The opening torture scene I mentioned is by far the highlight of the movie.

They’re all hysterical and fighting with each other because they’re rightfully frightened by their situation. This one fellow starts yelling like a lunatic. He’s a real over-actor, and its perfect. He bellows out these pointless shouts and screams so loud that the low budget microphones they used buckle under the pressure and crackle hilariously.

Unfortunately, our friend here dies 10 minutes in and we’re left with just a mediocre horror film, rather than an unintentionally-funny horror film.

Multiplayer Game I’m Currently Playing: Minecraft (Obviously)

In my brief, 3.5 hour experience with this game last night, I was blown up by those ridiculous creepers at least 10 times. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AVOID THIS? I swear one of them had special training. While in broad daylight, I was minding my own business until I was unexpectedly blown up by this guy. I never heard him, and he came up behind me undetected like a real professional. I was playing with my sister, who saw him coming towards me but decided not to say anything. Afterwards she just goes, “Why didn’t you run away from him? You suck. Your shit is over there go pick it up.” THANKS.

* Feel free to blast me in the comments section if you disagree, I’d love for this consensus to be proven wrong.

** Marble (A.K.A. the weasel) is an 8 pound King Charles Cavalier

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