The Smash 4 hype train continued to pick up speed this week as Sakurai alluded to new features that would “unleash the full potential” of the newest game. Amazon let a few other pretty big details leak, including Master/Crazy Hand challenges and an all new board game mode.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have on board game mode. It exists, and it’s in Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Luckily for you, Multitoad is here to provide more information and an in depth analysis of just how this board game mode will work, and we guarantee that this information has at least a slight chance of being accurate.

Let us dive right into speculation mode.

The most popular sentiment traveling around the web right now is the obvious comparison to Mario Party. “Super Smash Party,” as it would come to be known as, would obviously be a combination of (you guessed it): Super Smash Brothers. and Mario Party. Players would travel around a board game collecting stars while beating the hell out of each other. Perhaps some “mini games” would be mixed in that involve breaking targets or dispatching wave after wave of puny little bitch boy characters. This would be a spin on the classic Smash Bros. single player mode that ended with a frustrating bout with Master Hand. You know, the giant glove that exists for some reason. I’d imagine that it would be pretty easy to win a fight in real life if you were a massive high powered rocket hand.

What we would have in a “Super Smash Party” could effectively be called the Friendship Destroyer 5000™. I’d be willing to bet that more real life fights would be started by this game than any other game that preceded it. Keep your head on a swivel because controllers will fly.

The reality is that it’s doubtful Nintendo wants to steal too much thunder from Mario Party. Mario Party is another highly successful and comparably frustrating-to-lose-in series that is pumped out on a much more frequent basis. Making the new Smash Bros. board game mode too closely resemble it might be a bad business decision for Nintendo if people decided to forgo buying both titles while they felt like they could get enough Mario Party gameplay out of Smash Bros.

When people hear about a Nintendo board game involving famous characters, they will immediately start drawing comparisons to Mario Party (as evidenced by the first few paragraphs of this post). It’s important to remember that not all board games are created equally, or rather that not all board games consist of traveling around the board hunting down stars. Let’s consider the actual language and tone of the leaked description from Amazon:

Whether you’re creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there’s no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived.

Outwitting your opponents? To me this sounds more like a strategy game akin to the likes of Risk. Players would travel around a map attempting to take control of territories (go to Corneria, win this Smash battle) and the goal would be to achieve domination.

It’s entirely possible and maybe even most likely that it will be more simple than anyone is anticipating, however. Gold is everywhere in the 3DS version. Given Nintendo’s rapport with its casual audience, there will probably be random chances to win gold mixed in with your average Smash Battles. Players would try to acquire as much of it as possible and whoever happens to end up with the most gold and wins after a predetermined number of turns is the winner.

Here’s hoping for the territorial domination idea.

UPDATE: The new board game mode has been confirmed to be very Mario Party-like and nothing close to my domination idea (which was WAY better). Players will travel around a game board collecting items and fighting.DRAT!

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