Microsoft unveiled a new Warzone map for Halo 5, and it’s the biggest map a Halo game has ever had. It’s officially been labeled Raid on Apex 7.

Warzone is a new mode for Halo that sounds similar to the size and scale of your typical Battlefield match. The maps are are up to 4 times the size of anything we’ve seen in a Halo game to date, and they combine PvE and PvP together in what 343 hopes will make for a mixture of compelling gameplay.


What struck me is the way they presented the map in their reveal. An incredible amount of resources and attention to detail went into making Raid on Apex 7. The model weighs half a ton, it has working LED lights, and it’s comprised of over 89,500 Mega Bloks. It took two obviously talented individuals 16 weeks to complete. Damn. Just look at this thing:

It’s so over the top that I’m skeptical of how much this is to benefit the playability and effectiveness of the map compared to the money they likely got from Mega Bloks for the publicity. I’m wondering how the process of building the model affected the intricacies of game, or if the Mega Bloks builders were just given some kind of finished drawings and this was purely for presentational punch. Regardless, it’s an admirable creation in its own right.


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