While the new Wii U game from Monolith Soft was originally planned to be simultaneously released worldwide, the game is only available in Japan as of April 29th and there is still no official release date for any other region.

(Don’t watch the recent Nintendo Showcase, they made it sound super boring with monotone voices)

Xenoblade Chronicles X follows a story in the time after Earth has been destroyed pretty much accidentally by two alien races having a battle next to Earth. As with many Monolith Soft games, expect some in-depth character development. Keep in mind that there probably will be a slight drop in single player quality to make room for the game’s multiplayer aspect.

There will be an online feature with reportedly up to 4 players in a party and up to 32 players who you can interact with via trade and other undisclosed features. While all the specifics of how multiplayer will work have not been fully fleshed out, I’m willing to bet it will probably be something similar to Borderlands, where joining up with another player will not allow you to be further in the quest line than they have progressed.

The game’s soundtrack is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano from the animes Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan, so expect some dramatic vocal drops during intense scenes of the game. Also, according to Sawano’s Wikipedia page, this is his first time composing for a video game.


Xenoblade X will play pretty closely to an MMORPG, but with an option to experience the story solely in single player.

There will be specializations your character can progress through which will unlock new abilities, or “Arts.” These different specializations will probably define your role in combat, as there is a type of aggro system, which will allow for a player to tank monsters while his friends spank them. Position will also be a factor in battle, as different Arts will gain bonuses depending on where characters are relative to the enemy; a tank will help in these situations as well.

The combat will be similar to the system in Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, where the player will have numerous skills but only so much room on the action bar during combat, so players have to prepare a build ahead of time. Mostly just old-fashioned cooldowns will be the main resource for abilities, while another resource called Tension will be used for other things such as resurrecting a fallen ally in the middle of a battle.

Another feature called Soul Voice, an interesting carry-over from Xenoblade Chronicles, is a timing mini-game that occurs during combat and gives buffs and other benefits during battle based on how accurately players can time pressing the B button.


Character Customization

While the overall character models do look somewhat fugly (also reminiscent of Xenosaga’s designs), there are very detailed character customization options. I’m hoping to see some hilarious stuff out there.


There will be another element of gameplay that comes in the form of giant fighting robots, which can also transform into vehicles. These robots are called “Dolls” (or “Skells” from a recent Nintendo Showcase) and will run on fuel so I will assume it won’t be possible to use them all the time. Similarly to the customization options for player characters, Dolls will have tons of customizability.


The Dolls will also have “class” types. Light, Medium, and Heavy for different play styles. Notes from the recent announcement of DLC seem to suggest that Dolls are items that players must craft themselves through a collection of diverse items. Personally, I will be thrilled if the task is somewhat painstaking, it has been a while since I’ve really felt like I earned something in a video game.

World & Setting

Aliens have literally destroyed planet Earth, but some colony ships have escaped and are scouring for a habitable planet when they are shot out of the sky. The city of New Los Angeles (apparently America get’s their space shit together in the future) will be a sort of homebase humans as the player ventures out to discover the new exotic planet before them.The world will be made up of very large beautiful zones, five announced so far, each unique in theme and probably also in monsters and to top it off all areas in the game are claimed to have 100% seamless transitioning. As mentioned above, one of the modes of transportation will be the Doll, but also it seems there will be quite a bit of exploration to be had while on foot.

Similarly to the game’s predecessor, there are uniquely named monsters that will offer better rewards than unnamed monsters. Also, like all JRPGs I can think of, there will also be named monsters harder than the game’s last boss in the story that will require max levels, gear, and specific strategies to complete.

All in all, the game is promised to be five times as large as the original Xenoblade, and that speaks volumes in terms of content, considering many people gave up on the first game because it was too much for them.


While not exactly being Day 1 DLC, Monolith Soft announced on the day before release in Japan that the game will be updated with DLC packages. Fortunately, the DLC is slated to be relatively low price, something around $5, which I’m sure is Nintendo’s way of apologizing for finally having to resort to DLC to keep afloat. For now, I’m assuming this will be a method to keep the game updated with content for Online experience once all the content has been exhausted. Since the game will not be released in the west for a while, the Japanese audience will be a good guinea pig to see how things turn out. I’m hoping for the best, Nintendo.


I honestly cannot wait to play this game.

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    It looks cool. I’ve never played a Xenoblade game but the multiplayer aspect intrigues me. It sucks that they bailed on the simultaneous release date.


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