Loadout is an arena third person shooter with various game modes and ways to customize your Loadout. You can customize your weapons (your Loadout).  Then you use said Loadout on other players in game. Get it? GET IT?

As you might expect, the game itself is just as fun as its playful title.  Choose between your three everyday, borderline racial stereotypes to use as your main hero, all equipped with highly customizable guns and outfits if you’re willing to pay cash money.  I imagine most people wouldn’t want to spend their well earned dollars on virtual outfits, but if you’re a fashionista with a need to keep your Loadout character as stylish as you are, then go right ahead. I don’t judge. 

Although, if you’re mostly interested in Loadout for the ability to play dress up, you might be in the wrong neck of the woods. This game is about dealing boatloads of unorthodox carnage. Mainly, gun customization.  You choose between millions of possible combinations. Discover your favorite way to maim, dismember, mutilate, castrate, mangle or otherwise destroy your foes.

meat jerker

BEHOLD! The Meat Jerker! My prized tool of destruction!

There are several game modes available, all of which add a fun and interesting twist on what you might be used to.  The most familiar of these modes is likely the Deathmatch or as Loadout cleverly names it, ‘Death Snatch’. Instead of your standard respawn clusterfuck, each team instead needs to get an accumulative score to win. The twist is that players drop an Blutonium vial upon their death. This item needs to be picked up to confirm a kill and thereby, increase your team’s total score. But, this dropped item can also be picked up by the enemy team first, which will negate the kill, and award your team no points.

However, in my opinion, the most interesting variation of a game mode is Loadout’s take on Capture the Flag or ‘Jackhammer’. Instead of a flag, each team guards a giant hammer of death that kills enemies in one mighty swing. The game has two other modes for you to enjoy if you manage to get bored with the previously mentioned ones. ‘Blitz’ involves capturing certain control points throughout the level and to do so, players must stand around and guard said point until it is considered captured (only one control point can be captured at any given time). Lastly, in ‘Extraction’, one player on a team is made collector of the Blutonium and he is charged with dumping the deposits in the designated grinder binds while other players attack those collectors or defend them.

For anyone with an affinity for shooters, this is a must play. The animation is fluid. The art style is unique. The controls handle great. And most importantly, it’s just damn fun. So for now, I guess I’m just going to continue playing this until I get bored. Considering I want to try every gun combination, that may be never. If you don’t see me for awhile, maybe send help. 

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