Multitoad Suggests is a quick feature where we try our best to give you ideas for games to play with friends. Maybe it’s a throwback. Maybe it’s independently made. Maybe it’s really popular and we want to represent anyways. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to cure your boredom, so give this game a try.

Power Stone 2


The Power Stone series was originally released for Sega Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was obviously Sega’s hardware swan song, but there are a couple of gems that are worth remembering and breaking out every once and a while. Power Stone 2 is one of those games. It’s a classic, and its highly regarded among Dreamcast titles.

As for the gameplay, it’s very simple. It’s a 3D fighting game that leads you through a series of opponents until you’ve defeated everyone. You can team up with a friend or fight competitively. The fighting mechanics are a blast, and they’ve aged very well.

The game was re-released on the PSP, but I can’t vouch for that one as I’ve never played it. Unfortunately, Power Stone 2 is one of the most rare Dreamcast games still currently circulating around. Its going for a price as high as $900 on Amazon, but you can probably land a used copy for more like $50. I’m sure those of you who are savvy enough can find a way to play the game anyways. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a sealed copy of the game lying around, congratulations! Go buy yourself a nice space ship. We’d recommend you just play the game.

1-4 players – Competitive and Cooperative Play –  Sega Dreamcast and Sony PSP

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