“The Ship” is on sale on steam.  GET IT.  I can confidently say that The Ship is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had and I can not remember laughing harder over any other game I’ve played in my life. Each player controls a character who is assigned a target to kill, but beware because someone else was also assigned to kill you.  Search and destroy by tracking your target via your map and getting a positive ID on their person before bashing in their skull.  Before you can confidently start popping heads you need to first scavenge the level for weapons.  You’ll find weaker blunt instruments more commonly that don’t hit for very hard, but if you’re a good scavenger you can attain firearms including a flare gun that will leave your target to burn to death, or a tommy gun that you can wildly spray into crowds of vacation goers.

A more realistic screenshot would be of two people wildly throwing hammers at eachother

A more realistic screenshot would be of two people wildly throwing hammers at eachother

Powered by the source engine, the ship controls as well as you’d expect.  There are a few extra things to look out for such as hunger, thirst, exhaustion and even cleanliness.  If you fail to upkeep your personal well-being you will explode into a pile of red goop just like in real life.  Another obstacle to look out for is the police, or should I say the one security guard in control of every camera on the ship.  If you attack anyone in vision of a camera you will be immediately sent to jail where you will remain for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Jail is fun because there is only one shank in the whole prison and the first person there gets it.  Ever been prison raped before?  Well, now’s your chance.  With all of these factors at play and a dozen or more people trying to stalk and kill eachother it’s easy to imagine why the ship is one of my favorite games.  If for some reason it isn’t easy to imagine that’s probably because your soul has been crushed by the industry and you have a hard time associating “fun” and “games” anymore.  The Ship will save your soul.


Up to 32 players per game.  Find a server using this site.




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