While this may seem like a joke to some, it is a living nightmare for Cassandra and her husband living in Louisville, Kentucky.  We found Casandra on an internet message board where she was asking for advice on how to get her son out of his room.  “He hardly sleeps.  He spends all night after school glued to his computer screen,” she said. “Recently he stopped going to school.  He says he can’t afford to miss a sale” Casandra explained before breaking down into tears.

The steam summer sale is the Black Friday of computer video games.  Valve hosts the sale annually on their Steam gaming platform where hundreds, sometimes even thousands of games go on sale for very low prices.  The catch is that not everything goes on sale at once.  Some games are only at their best price for a few hours at a time so if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss the best sales.  It is not unusual for people to become addicted to sales and coupons, but this is the first case we’ve heard of it happening with computer video games.

special discounts

We reached out again to his mother Cassandra.  “It isn’t just this one.  He does it every time there’s a new sale, it’s getting worse.  We can’t talk to him when there’s a sale going on. He comes down to eat, but generally eats in silence and then disappears to his room again.”  What Cassandra told us next was alarming.  “One time we were looking through his computer and we found pictures of sad looking frogs with captions like ‘I want to die’ and ‘Forever alone.’  Anthony always has a depressed look on his face.” She said.

Things got out of control this year when Anthony stole his father’s credit card to buy more games during the sale.  Upon realizing what Anthony had done his father pulled the plug on his computer, telling Anthony he’s never allowed on it again.  We managed to talk to his father, not willing to divulge his first name.  “It’s not healthy.  When I was his age I had friends.  I met girls.  I got into trouble.” His father explained.  “Not this kind of trouble.  Last month he ordered cartoon pornography onto my credit card and I got charged 58 dollars for it.  That computer is scrambling his brain.” explained the visibly distraught father.

This year, things escalated to a point beyond the parents control.  Anthony had once again stolen his father’s credit card and barricaded himself in his bedroom.  “It’s not the first time he’s done it” said his father.  “He did it last year, too.  After three days his mother couldn’t sleep anymore and I had to knock down his door.” Explained Anthony’s father.  He also tells us that upon entering his son’s room he discovered multiple bags of pretzels, chips and canned tuna fish that Anthony stole from the pantry as well as multiple bottles of water.  To Anthony’s fathers disgust, he also found many bottles of urine inside of his son’s bedroom.   “I canceled my card.  We are going to starve him out this year.  We aren’t going to feed him.  Maybe then he’ll realize that enough is enough.” said his now aggravated father.

monster game

Steam “monster” game that Anthony referred to


We had our team attempt to track down Cassandra’s son for an exclusive interview.  It wasn’t very difficult to find him after his mother told us he goes by the gamer tag “AntTheMan69″.  We decided to reach out to Anthony, the 14 year old boy behind the gamer tag.  We asked Anthony why he chose to barricade himself in his room.  He responded “I had no choice, my parents don’t understand me.  I love video games and this is the only time to get them at a good price and get one time only trading cards”  We asked him what “cards” he was referring to.  “Monster cards, duh” he responded accompanied by an emoticon which appeared to be holding up a middle finger before ending the conversation and blocking any further communication.

We received one final statement from Anthony’s mother.  “I called our internet service provider to cancel our internet.  Maybe then might my son leave his room.  They told us it would take two weeks for a technician to arrive and switch it off.” she said with tears in her eyes.  “My son could be dead by then.”

We are staying in touch with Cassandra and her husband.  We’ll also be trying to get into touch with Anthony over the coming days.  We pray that this resolves itself without anyone getting hurt and hope this serves as a warning to parents who have children with video game addiction.

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  1. blabla

    bullcrap, way to many workarounds to make it believable, fake gt, waiting for the technician, …. learn to make fun storys nubs

  2. Washell

    Making up stories isn’t journalism. The shortest deal this sale last 24 hours, so barricading is rather pointless. Second, changing the wifi password or unplugging the cable going upstairs would block him from the internet. I suppose your fictionary hermit could tether a phone, but a call to the provider to get it blocked is easy enough as is a call to the credit card company to get it blocked. Lastly, if Anthony is such a Steam die hard, he knows his father will do a callback on the charges that will result in his steam account getting severely limited.

    I know you probably hope this “story” gets picked up by CNN, Fox and the likes, but is promoting your site really worth harming the hobby you (supposedly) love?

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      Satire (/ˈsaˌtī(ə)r/): the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  3. Washell

    Satire… fair enough. Glad I cooled down enough before posting and removed the more personal remarks. ;)

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      Sure, satire is tricky especially on sites that (to this point) have never attempted it. I can understand the confusion. Thanks for reading, though.


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