Apple dropped a lot of information about new products today at their media event in San Fransisco, CA. Most of it was leaked, some of it was very cool, and some of it was predictable. A bit of news related to our little corner of the internet was the unveiling of the new Apple TV and its multiplayer gaming capabilities.

Apple TV is getting an App store, a development kit, and a big upgrade in terms of the peripherals and what’s possible with the device. These updates mean that it can now be classified as a sort of casual gaming console. It will now come with a touch remote (equipped with an accelerometer for motion controls) that reminds me of a more advanced Wii Remote sans the typical “A, B, etc.” buttons.

It is – and this is being generous – moderately exciting if we’re talking about the gaming aspect of the reveal. It sounds like it’s going to be lightweight casual games that you’d most often find on a mobile device. Still, games will be able to handle up to 4 players simultaneously, so I’m sure resourceful developers will find ways to deliver us some amusing gameplay.

Apple chose a game called Crossy Road to initially show off this multiplayer feature and the reaction to it was pretty pathetic. Crossy Road is actually a mobile game that was released almost a year ago (November 20, 2014 to be exact). It’s got solid ratings, but would you just look at this game right here for a second.


The Crossy Road creator then announces his intent to play as his favorite character, “the mallod.” Him and his silent friend start playing and showing off the multiplayer Frogger gameplay. Suddenly, the farm animals get ornery and start smacking into each other. Silent guy blocks the mallod’s path and he gets run over. Mallod guy got worked.

The new Apple TV launches in October.

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