Hitman: Agent 47 follows the popular bald video game protagonist as he transcends being a hitman and transitions into a superhero.  Watch in wonder as he ravages entire city blocks and takes on entire squadrons of police by himself.  The premise of this second installment to the budding movie franchise spinoff of the video game series is that Agent 47 is tasked with taking down an evil mega-corporation who wants to use his superhuman DNA to create an army of super-soldiers.  Buckle your seat belts for this totally original and exciting cinematic adventure.

Perhaps the only innovation to be seen in the creation of this movie is with Fox’s attempt at a controversial trailer showing youtubers, bloggers and pre-screeners getting stylistically snuffed on camera.  In making a statement about one shitty half of movie culture Fox lacks the self awareness to realize that it’s perpetuating the other.  I don’t imagine it will be long before Fox pulls the trailer entirely due to negative backlash.  I don’t think the trailer is a big deal because I’m not a massive asslord but I know well that many people are.

I’m no stranger to pointless action movies and I enjoyed both the hitman games and first movie so I’ll probably check this one out too.  Here’s a trailer showing some of the actual movie footage for anyone interested.

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  1. Yoshibb

    Seriously, what is this? Is this supposed to be funny? What is the point?

    Is there someone out there who was like, “you know what I want to see? A bunch of innocent young people get murdered for trying to watch a movie trailer.”


  2. John
    John "Jagyooar" Lusky

    “This video is private.” Looks like they’ve already taken it down.

    Also you are a massive asslord.

  3. troddeh

    What was the first video? I couldn’t figure out who that guy was in the preview picture.

  4. Yoshibb

    It was just hitman killing a bunch of youtubers I’ve never seen before for talking about the hitman trailer. It was played straight too which made it even worse.


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