“One Life is the first multiplayer survival game with perma-permadeath. If you die, you will leave the game forever. Will you manage to survive in this harsh world full of dangers? Upgrade your battle truck and set off for hot spots with friends. Play with your own rules but remember: your every move can be the last one.”

So there’s a game called One Life (Get it? It’s because you have one life.) that just popped up on Steam Greenlight. Let’s talk about how dumb and gimmicky the concept is. This is a multiplayer survival game – much like H1Z1 – with the catch being that Steam won’t let you play anymore after your first death. It’ll be $10 to play and after you’re killed during your first encounter with some griefer who spotted you first, you’re out of luck.

The developers claim that you can choose to let someone live or finish them off, and it gives you a great amount of power over other players you down. Think about playing H1Z1, only now all the idiots can make sure you never come back and feel so, so good about themselves for it.

This is a wonderful idea as long as a few things come together:

• Every player who picks up the game is a fun, imaginative role-playing mind.

• Cheaters don’t inevitably ruin the game like they ruin every other multiplayer survival sandbox.

• The world is a perfect and magical utopia, absent of the soul-less meat sacks who want to make everyone miserable for their amusement.

None of these conditions are true. This is not an innovative mechanic that will rejuvenate this tired and awful sub-genre. We are moving backwards.

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  1. PhantomShadowz

    This sounds horrible. I have no other description other than that. To think that people are going to play your game in your vision is just ridiculous. People will immediately start peeing on others and kill whoring immediately upon release, and most people will not look back once they have put down the game. I don’t know what the fuck the developers were thinking with this shit.


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