Most people have attempted to communicate with ghosts at some point in their life. Typically in their mother’s basement with a couple of friends huddled around a few lit candles and a Ouija board.  It would seem that ghosts have nothing better to do with their time then spooking little kids with messages like “DIE” and “M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D”.  The real magic of the Ouija board is not quite as scary as ghosts, ghouls and goblins, but is still equally as fascinating.

As children we believed the Ouija board was the real deal and that we actually managed to create a link between a piece of cardboard and the spirit realm.  However, around the same time we stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny many of us also questioned the authenticity of the Ouija board.  Are there little magnets in it that make it move on it’s own?  Is the board tracked in some way that makes the plastic lens or”planchette” slide along it in a pattern?  It can’t possibly be just a piece of cardboard, can it?

The real magic of the Ouija board is not powered by microengineering or spirits, but instead is powered entirely by human fantasy.  “It’s moving, Is someone moving it!?”  “nope not me”  “me either”.  Liars.  Billy moved it the first time, Tom moved it the next and Sally moved it the third time.  Every one of them claimed they didn’t move it so even though Billy moved it the first time he had no way to explain how it moved the next two.

We’ve all taken our turns moving the lens because we wanted our friends to believe.  Most of us grew out of Oujia boards and The Boogie Man but  there are still some who believe the Ouija board can truly communicate with the dead.  There’s a reason why the only rule is that you must use it with someone else participating.  Without Billy around to move the lens and lie to you nothing is going to happen.  If you do find yourself alone with a Ouija board and the lens begins to move you are probably going to die, tough luck.


Most people already know that the Ouija board isn’t really powered by specters, but instead by the power of imagination.  That’s what earned the Ouija board Multitoad’s one and only most brilliant multiplayer game of all time award.  The Ouija board is the most simple and effective example of a game powered entirely by human fantasy.  It is the earliest form of dungeons and dragons that has pioneered imagination driven gameplay as we know it today.

The Ouija board has no recorded origin but it is referenced as far back as 500 B.C.  Whoever came up with the idea, I applaud you.  Perhaps I should spell out “well done” on a Ouija board of my own and hope the message reaches you.   If a spirit is powerful enough to push around a piece of plastic on a board perhaps it’s also capable of using a mouse and keyboard.  If it is, I’m confident that it’s got good enough taste to frequent Multitoad and has already received my message.


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I'm into massive multiplayer online gaming communities. My online alter ego is 18 feet tall and has wings like an angels, but also like a demons. His name is Yogzula. Yogzula can fuck anything and he will and has. Women. Devils. Angels. Animals. If you meet me online by Grub's tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden.

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  1. John Lusky
    John Lusky

    This was interesting but I’m not sure if I am willing to endorse the Quija board as Multitoad’s best multiplayer game of all time. Pump the brakes there, pal. I think you’re overselling it because of its age. I guess you could make a case for it since it’s been around for so long and retained its notoriety, but ehhhh.

  2. Luke VanTrieste
    Luke VanTrieste

    Nope, I’ve gone ahead and already publicized the decision there is no going back now. If you want to nominate a game as “best multiplayer game of all time” we will allow the council to vote on it.

    I’ve edited the sentence that said “best” to “most brilliant” because that’s the truth

    • John Lusky
      John Lusky

      I am dying to 1v1 you after that. We’re doing that more on the Pre-Fight-Night stream next time. None of this 2 1v1 matches and we’re done nonsense. You coward.


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