Ho-ho-holy shit.  Anyone that played Payday: The Heist remembers when Valve and Overkill joined forces to bring us the No Mercy heist where players steal infected blood from a hospital patient for an anonymous client who becomes responsible for the zombie outbreak in Left 4 Dead.  This time around Valve and Overkill decided to keep things a bit more familiar to payday players by lending Overkill their very own de_Bank from CS:GO as the “Charlie Santa Heist”.  The bank did receive a few holiday makeovers including mistletoe, pine trees, bright lights, neatly wrapped presents containing ammo, medical supplies, grenades – you know, standard Christmas shit.  Don’t let the holiday cheer fool you into thinking this heist will be a cakewalk because the police unwrapped the ability to sprint and are more ready than ever to stuff your stockings and deck your halls.

Rockin' around the christmas tree, it's a christmas party robbery

I’m Dreaming of a red Christmas

Did you hear me when I said grenades?  In case you haven’t been keeping up with the many Payday updates, Overkill released the Gage weapon pack a few weeks ago that included frag grenades among a few other goodies.  Everyone loved the grenade launcher from payday: the heist due to its ability to handle shields and packs of police with ease so it comes as no surprise that the community was excited to have grenades once again in their arsenal of destruction.  That excitement quickly turned into bitter concern once players discovered the only way to access grenades is through buying a $4.99 DLC.  It seems as if Overkill took a small step across the  “pay 2 win” line which is some dangerous taboo in the gaming community.  Some argue that because payday 2 is a co-op game that paid increases of power aren’t a big deal but some people are wrong.  It is always a big deal.  I really hate when people use the slippery slope argument, but this is a slippery slope.  I don’t think Overkill is going to add impenetrable armor or bazookas or flying tanks that instantly win each level as paid DLC but where do we draw the line?  That line is drawn when a player receives an increase in power that other players can not access unless they pay real life money.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the increase, it’s just something that should simply never happen in a multiplayer game.

How long until Payday 2 becomes a Korean MMO?

How long until Payday 2 becomes a Korean MMO?

Payday: the heist is in my top 10 best co-op games I’ve ever played.  It was both fun and challenging while testing your ability to work together with a team.  If more games could stick to that basic recipe of co-op success then we would have far better games than what we’re getting today.  Unfortunately, Payday 2 didn’t crack enough challenging eggs into their co-omeletfor me to stay interested as long as I was for the first installment of the franchise.  In all fairness the lack of difficulty is because we haven’t received the 145+ game mode and have yet to see cloakers added to the game.  Maybe next year Santa will listen and put some whips and nipples clamps under my tree because I want to start feeling the pain again in payday.

I have nightmares about these guys

I have nightmares about these guys

All in all Payday 2 is a huge improvement over the first game in almost every way.  Players can now climb a criminal ladder beginning with petty jewelry store smash and grabs and ending with the infiltration of FBI headquarters and cartel assassinations.  Stealth is much more interesting and teamwork is more important than ever if you want to do a heist quietly.  I found myself sinking hours and hours into Framing Frame  until I became a ninja master and could glide through the level with ease.  Funnily enough stealthing is the one aspect of the game that can be so challenging that your teammates might opt out of participating for fear of screwing up and blowing it for everyone else.  Maybe in the future we’ll start to see more mechanics that require your crew to split up and perform tasks in sync with eachother so that all hands are on deck.  Game director David Goldfarb promised at least a year of patching and adding DLC to the game so that it keeps getting better and better.  If you’re like me Christmas comes every few weeks when Payday 2 gets another patch so this particular Christmas event is nothing unusual for you.  I’m going to continue eagerly waiting for the next payday update but for now let’s mask up and spread some Christmas cheer around D.C.

“Merry fucking Christmas everyone”

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