Let’s hit a couple of quick points this morning regarding yet another Steam Early Access game that is flying all over the spectrum of awesome and ugly. I see a lot of elements that look like a great time, but unfortunately there a lot of red flags that could make this a disaster.

First, the positive:

  • This is a concept that I wish the AAA studios would explore if they weren’t currently stapled to deathmatch-high-tech-laser-guided-super-cool-dude-bro-fests.
  • The construction and crafting looks similar to Minecraft or Rust.
  • The combat is gory and over the top, and it looks like it would be a ton of fun to gang up and direct a siege on Yogzula’s castle.
  • The potential of chopping off Yogzula’s head or limbs is present.

Now, the red flags:

  • This is an indie developer Early Access Game. Uhg. Also, the developers – code}{atch – apparently bailed on an unfinished game called Star Forge in the past.
  • They all but openly admit that they just combined Rust and Chivalry’s gameplay. Reign of Kings is a title obviously trying to channel Game of Thrones‘ thunder.
  • It looks overly complicated with bizarre taxing systems, perma-deaths, and unnecessarily intricate crafting systems.
  • Again, perma-deaths. Why? A game like this sounds like it should be taking a page from Minecraft in respawning, or perhaps just a long and punishing respawn timeout like the ones experienced playing Insurgency. It won’t be as fun to charge into battle if you get cut down quickly and have to start over. I’m not sure what they’re thinking there.
  • No one holds a sword like that. Come on, now.

To me, a game like this doesn’t need to be so complicated. It’s possible that the video above didn’t paint the cohesive picture that the finished product will be, but I’ll need to see much more before I start sending these guys my money.

What are your thoughts?

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John is a full-time web developer who writes and streams for multitoad.com. He started Multitoad with Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste. John loves multiplayer gaming, his wife (known around the site as Queenie), his dog (Marble), horror movies, and sitting down with a nice craft beer. If you want to contact the author of this post, feel free to do so on the community forums.

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  1. PhantomShadowz

    I stay away from all the early access games no matter how awesome they might seem. DayZ… that thing has gotten a buttload of money with very few minimal updates despite the fact that it has gotten a ton of money. I just don’t trust these things.

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      DayZ has certainly been one of the most egregious offenders. Imagine if a big publisher like EA were guilty of such crimes. They would be absolutely crucified.

  2. Luke
    Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste

    One issue with some games – especially early access/kick starter games is that they’re overly ambitious. Very often do they bite off more then they can chew. They really need to recognize “What is is that we really want to focus on” and then really polish those areas of the game.

    Crafting for instance does not need to be intricate and complicated. It’s not fun for most people especially for an element of the game that might require a lot of work. I’d love to see this game be successful and love the concept, but I love the concept of zombie survival games too and they have ALL been a bust so far.

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      I agree completely that these guys aim too high with all of the features they plan. I imagine they just get overly excited and think the more shit they throw at the wall, the more people the game will appeal to and the more money they’ll make. Keep it simple and focus on what is FUN. And fix your wonky character models.

  3. Whitemoon

    Was literally just coming to post this, no need for Minecraft anymore!

    This game seriously looks like a ton of fun, especially how you can capture players, cage them and then execute them in front of an audience. Combat looks like LARPing and it is hilariously exciting, however it does look like it is somewhat in depth with set animations for certain weapons that you will have to master how to work the animation during an attack.

    It definitely needs work on the modeling and animation department, I’m sure all the customization details add to the difficulty of getting that perfect. I do love how you can be a fat ogre though and that you can take hot spring spa baths with your bros.

  4. troddeh

    It reminds me of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Does anyone have that and wants to play? I never got past the training area.

    • John
      John "Jagyooar" Lusky

      I don’t have it but it looks fun. I’ll let you know if I decide to buy it.

  5. Whitemoon

    I played Chivalry when it was a mod, and it was pretty shitty to be honest. That experience threw me off of ever trying the stand-alone release.


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