Okay, I’ll level with you. When I started this little Smash Bros. Watch mini feature, I had assumed there would be more worthwhile news to announce on a consistent basis. I was wrong. Nintendo has released a steady string of character announcements and not much of anything else.

The other week, they did talk briefly about some changes to ledge grabbing mechanics that will make ledge hogging a much harder technique to employ. This is interesting and I want more of this kind of information. Unfortunately, not much else has been revealed.

However, they did confirm the return of Brawl veteran, Lucario today. In keeping with the tradition of our Smash Bros. Watch, I felt inclined to let you know. Personally, Lucario was not a favorite of mine. Despite my numerous attempts to have some fun playing as him, I was never successful. I’ve always found myself wishing that Mewtwo had just stuck around.

Nintendo has taken a good bit of heat for their lukewarm announcements regarding Smash in the wake of their disappointing Wii U sales. It’s a huge release, and a potential console pusher. Following their big plans of what they plan to do to right the ship, you might think they would announce a hard release date for arguably their most anticipated game. You would be mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still beyond excited about this game and my intention isn’t to dull your interest. I plan on buying a Wii U, and really only for this game. That alone is a testament to the quality of Nintendo’s IPs and my unwavering trust in their games. I just wish they would listen and communicate with their fans a little better along the way.

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