We have new information regarding the launch of the new Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U/3DS! Really. Straight from Sakurai, himself.


Don’t speak Japanese? Of course you probably don’t! Well you’re in luck. I’ve got access to Google Translator. The first tweet translates to:

Seems the rumors that some new “Smash Brothers” comes in the spring of next year, but this is misinformation. Is the origin of Germany, also said that the fact there’s. Well… Often such misinformation.

Did that clear things up? No? What the heck is your problem? Our second translation reads as follows:

And somewhere in the 2014 officially! I can not answer the question, but there is a place that incorporates in desperate every day.

We therefore deduce that the rumors of Smash’s coming in Spring of 2014 are misguided. However, it will be somewhere in 2014 officially. Apparently Germany had something to do with this as well. Thats… strange. Well! Heres the translation of one of the replies to the first tweet:

Cheers for good work is @ Sora_Sakurai. Advantage of the fact that false alarms, I expect something to entertain us someday. Please do your best.

Someday. Someday…

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