Smashed TV is a feature that we run with fun drinking games to try with your friends. We are not suggesting that you play the game with alcohol. Try it with another refreshing beverage, like Coca Cola or Apple Juice.

Note: This game has only been tested on Worms Battlegrounds but it should work just fine on most or all of the other Worms iterations.

Playable On: Worms is pretty much everywhere at this point.

# of Players: 2+

  1. Take a sip whenever one of your worms is hit.
  2. Take a sip if you miss.
  3. Drink 3 seconds if you inflict damage on yourself (10 if this damage results in a death).
  4. Drink 4 seconds if you use any of the air strike attacks.
  5. Drink 5 seconds when one of your worms dies.
  6. Drink 10 seconds if all of your worms are killed.

Feeling Adventurous? 

  • Require all players to at least attempt an attack move on every turn. If anyone fails to get an attack off (of any kind), they must finish their drink. For example, you can swing a bat and miss to avoid this penalty. However, if your worm hurts itself and is stopped from continuing the turn without attempting an attack, you still must finish your drink.


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