Greetings, friends. You may have noticed that we’ve been off the grid for a few weeks now, and that’s because we’ve been busy planning some big changes for you guys. After countless hours of soul-searching mediation, we present to you: The State of the Toad.

Since launching a bit over a month ago, we’ve gotten a feel for what we want to do, what worked, and what didn’t work. What are we? How do we want people to perceive us? Are we a game review site or are we something better? These were the questions we had to answer to progress forward with true purpose. We are a multiplayer gaming community whose goal is to introduce people to new friends, new games, and fun ways to play together.

Here is what to expect in the next few months:

The Multitoad Streaming Network is expanding - We’ll have a dedicated page promoting our affiliated streamers. If we’re not online, you’ll be able to hop over to our network page and check out who is.  All streamers of the MTSN will be hand selected based on the quality of their streams and relativity to Multitoad’s purpose: fun with friends, multiplayer gaming, and beating it together.™

Community Spotlight - This will be a feature present on the front page of our site. We’ll showcase articles, reviews, videos, or whatever else we think is fun and relevant from members of our community.  If you’re interested in contributing please check out this board.  No porn, please.

Mumble Server - In the very near future, we’re going to launch a Mumble server to have a clean central meeting hub with no clutter or confusion. We will make the info public and hang out in there very commonly. If you want to game or just chat feel free to drop by and say, “hello.” In the meantime, we’ll be using this Mumble server – address: port: 54740. Look for the Multitoad channel toward the bottom.

Finding Friends - We have plans to integrate all forms of your gaming identification with your Multitoad user profile. In the meantime we encourage everyone to put their Steam ID/Gamertag/etc. in your profile signature and make posts on our “Beat it Together” forum to find people to play games with. Our plan down the road involves a Multitoad web app that will make finding awesome people to play games with a much less tiresome experience than the one you’re likely used to.

It's not always easy to find a good friend.

It’s not always easy to find a good friend.

Whats changing right now?

No more reviews - All current reviews will be archived, buried, and essentially replaced by our newest feature: Multitoad Suggests. We don’t want to be a review site, that was never our original purpose. We want to help you find games that are fun to play with your friends. We want to cure what ails you (boredom) and provide an answer to the age old question of “What game should we play tonight?” We’re going to make it our civic duty to hand pick great multiplayer games to suggest for you to play. We will have special plans to stream some of these games with a couple of unique variations incorporated.

Live streaming - We’ll be streaming more frequently, effective immediately. Also, we just launched a new feature on the homepage. If we are currently live on Twitch, the homepage will shift to include a view of our stream. The space to the left of our Twitch embed is still a work in progress, but it will showcase our favorite Multitoad-endorsed streamers.

Smashed TV - We’re upping our efforts with this feature, and we’ll even be live streaming some of our games in the coming weeks. If you have a fun drinking game you’d like us to include, hit us up!


Thanks for reading and joining up with us during our continuous evolution. Traffic has been steadily increasing and we’re very excited to keep moving forward with the Multitoad project. As always, if you want to get in touch you can email us at

Credit to Arnold Lobel for his wonderful illustrations

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  1. GalleyThePirate

    I think the direction you’re going in is a good one, especially getting rid of reviews. As long as everyone puts in a little time and effort it should all turn out well.


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