With the new Smash game on the horizon, maybe its time to reflect on some of the things we know, some of the things we don’t know, and some of the missteps of Brawl that we need to pray don’t become trends. I don’t have a Wii U. I won’t have a Wii U until this game is released, because to be honest, I have no interest in playing Wind Waker again, nor do I have any interest in the latest rehash of Donkey Kong. But I digress, lets get into it.

What We Know

The next Smash game is slated for Spring of 2014. A lot of people will be buying Wii U’s in Spring of 2014. It appears that a decent amount of characters won’t be returning. If you’re one of those weirdos who liked to play as Mr. Game and Watch, you might be out of luck. This new, more selective list of characters could mean Nintendo is focusing on a more balanced lineup, or it could just mean they’re getting lazier. Let us hope for the former.

Potentially badass characters like Mega Man will be joining us. Head scratchers like the Wii Fit Trainer and Animal Crossing Villager (Really? You could have given us Tom Nook and you gave us a generic villager…) are also on the way. It’s worth noting that Nintendo thought it was really funny when they announced the Wii Fit Trainer as a playable fighter. So that is actually happening.

We’re finally getting Smash in HD. Whether thats an exciting thing or not is yet to be seen, as a lot of folks seem to be criticizing the look and art style of the screen shots and videos released of the game, thus far.

What We Shouldn’t Forget About Brawl

I love the Smash games and I’ve spent countless hours playing them. However, I constantly find myself criticizing things here and there. And most of it is due to this desire to make the game more accessible to casual gamers. This is a fighting game that you KNOW has a huge hardcore following. Adding elements like tripping into Brawl was embarrassing.

Brawl was proof positive that Nintendo has little interest in appealing to it’s competitive audience. There’s a reason that Melee is still played at respectable fighting game tournaments like Evo. People love to romanticize the Smash series’ lead developer,┬áMasahiro Sakurai. Theres no doubt about it, he seems like a great guy and a hard worker. But I’m reserving some judgement until I get my hands on his latest iteration. Are we going to continue to see the hardcore community get snubbed by things like a hilariously mismatched lineup of characters and random tripping? Or is Nintendo finally going to see the potential in catering to BOTH hardcore and casual audiences?

We’ll see.

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John is a full-time web developer who writes and streams for multitoad.com. He started Multitoad with Luke "Yogzula" VanTrieste. John loves multiplayer gaming, his wife (known around the site as Queenie), his dog (Marble), horror movies, and sitting down with a nice craft beer. If you want to contact the author of this post, feel free to do so on the community forums.

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  1. Whitemoon

    I had heard rumors that the reason for the shaft on the character list was because they actually hadn’t been developing the game long. The Wii U’s new hardware hasn’t been available fairly long and they hadn’t had as much time to work on it as previous titles and of course they felt the rush to pump it out before the Wii U’s sales tanked. Not to mention they haven’t even given it a proper name, seems a little rushed to me.

    On a personal note, I always feel like Brawl gets more hate than it deserves and Melee is moonlighted too much. I grew up playing the original game on N64, which I personally still find the most balance of the series, and loved every second of it. Maybe it was that I got into Melee very late (no GameCube D:) but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the original. The pacing was incredibly fast, which you could say at a competitive stand point opens a large ramp for display of skills and the lot. However, I think Melee was TOO fast, Brawl was a great mix of quick reflexes and allowed actual time for decision making, planning and strategy. Alas, tripping was pretty annoying, however I do think it made for great gameplay with Diddy Kong. He was a very light character, didn’t hit hard and didn’t have much smash resistance, but you had to use your speed and manipulate your opponent with your bananas. That course of planning and plotting opened doors for different character designs and playstyles and I hope SSBWU goes through them.

    Also congrats on getting the site up and running, it looks and works amazingly.

    • John Lusky
      John Lusky

      Thanks, glad you like it. We plan on posting content consistently now that the site is live. That makes sense. It would be nice if Nintendo would consider DLC with this game if time is the issue. Smash always seemed like a game that would lend itself well to DLC like characters and stages (as long as the balance remains intact). Also, agreed on all points about Brawl. I too prefer it to Melee for those reasons.


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