In a somewhat curious turn of events, the soundtrack for Killing Floor 2 is getting a release on most of the big digital music services (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) under a Christian record label called Solid State Records.

Here’s an excerpt from the label:

The Killing Floor 2 original soundtrack features a unique mix of original compositions, licensed rock and metal tracks that offer the perfect backdrop for slaying waves of Zeds. The original songs feature the return of Killing Floor fan favorite artist, zYnthetic beating out his unique mix of electronic, industrial, metal, and rock, alongside incredible one-of-a-kind collaborations between members of Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice, as well as original songs by Rocky Gray of Evanescence and Living Sacrifice fame. Add to that killer licensed songs by metal and rock acts Demon Hunter, Impending Doom, Living Sacrifice and Fit For A King, and everyone will be well equipped with a soundtrack to face the deadly Zed hordes!

It’s not a huge deal, as the average person can never understand the lyrics in the sort of metal serving as the backdrop for “facing the deadly Zed hordes” anyways, but those of us who do can appreciate the poetic irony of it all.

Count on hearing lyrics like these – from Murderer by Impending Doom – being belted out on the regular while you partake in an endless parade of absolutely absurd gore and violence.

We have to realize
A reality beyond our eyes
In an unseen world
The anti christ is gonna rise and we’ll
Have to realize
A reality beyond our eyes
In an unseen world
The anti christ will fall

Or these, from Something More by Living Sacrifice:

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist…

I have a Spirit
That cries out to know God
The speculation seems so vague
It does not fulfill
What’s real inside of me
Don’t pacify spiritual
Teach me to be me in Christ

Don’t get me wrong! These are great metal songs in my opinion. I’ve seen a lot of these bands live, and I’ve always found it interesting how they’re able to tread this line and grab fans who want nothing to do with any sort of religion by not being overbearing about their choice of lyrics or lifestyle.

It’s just not the sort of message you’d expect to find in a game like Killing Floor 2. I suppose it’s almost fitting in a way, since you’ll already be PRAYING to survive the deadly Zed hordes!

I’ll see myself out.

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  1. Yoshibb

    “I suppose it’s almost fitting in a way, since you’ll already be PRAYING to survive the deadly Zed hordes!”

    Oooooh snap!

    Eh, it wouldn’t really matter to me. I’ve listened to Christian Rock while mowing down hordes of angry enemies. It’s catchy.


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