No word yet on whether Luigi will make a guest appearance.

Tripwire dropped some screenshots of Killing Floor 2’s next map, and this will come as a relief for those of us who have played the only 3 currently available so many times that we almost have the layouts of the winding passages and corridors completely mapped out in our heads.

From Tripwire:

Set against a Swiss cliff side, this modern fortress hides many secrets. While the raging storm outside approaches, evil has begun to leak out from its imposing walls. You are being invited in (well you’ve been offered dosh to clear the place out!), are you up for the challenge?

The whole experience will clearly be more enjoyable if we imagine the house to be owned by our favorite rich guy, and said rich guy is offering “loads o’ dosh (pronounced dō-sh)” for your services in clearing out his beautiful mansion.

Killing Floor 2 has lost a bit of steam as of late because people have begun to grow tired of the admittedly very limited offering of content available in the Early Access version of the game. 3 maps, 1 game mode, 4 perks, and a low ceiling for leveling mean you can experience everything the $30 title has to offer in a very short amount of time.

As we’ve reiterated before, we trust Tripwire to continue filling out the game and adding new content to spice things up and keep us interested.

As for “Manor,” it looks cool! It’s grim and dark, but I can see myself enjoying spending time there.

Personally I’d go for something more unique. Maybe stage a round on a live race track and force players and Zeds to try to avoid being struck by the cars. If there’s one thing missing in games like these, I’d say it’s more options to use the setting to your advantage and more non-Zed related hazards to be wary of. The release from Tripwire does mention an “approaching storm.” Hopefully this means there will be weather effects that alter the flow of the game a little and create some unique challenges.

There’s no official word on when we can expect the update, but Tripwire promises it’s coming soon.

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