I have got a monkey on my back and it’s name is Gamergate-Kong, the retarded nephew of Donkey Kong, grandson of Cranky Kong, brother of Diddy and Dixie Kong.  Nobody in the Kong family likes him because he’s a miserable idiot who rubs his feces all over the walls of the Kong household and makes the whole place smell like ape shit.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with gamergate, you’re better off that way.  It’s a cesspool of misery and hatred, but some of the controversy surrounding it concerns the sexualization of women in video games which is what I wish to address today.

I’ll start by acknowledging that women are absolutely sexualized in video games.  Take a look.


Many people reference character design like this and respond with outrage.  I respond with applause.

Character design in video games has become tremendously boring.  This includes most characters regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or species.  The reason I think the above images are examples of great character design is because they highlight and accentuate the human body which is something we should celebrate.  Nudity is beautiful.  Everyone knows it, but as a culture we’ve made it taboo to acknowledge it.  It strikes me as odd that we’re more accepting of a female character peeling the skin off of her dead, disemboweled enemies than we would be of her showing too much of her own skin.

Male nudity is a beautiful thing too, check this shit out.


Those are some grade A hunks right there and they manage to look cool without looking silly.  There’s something I feel a lot of people don’t understand about character design.  An interesting character is often going to have exaggerated proportions and isn’t going to conform to normal human proportions and especially not ‘average’ human proportion.  The average human is boring.  Why in the world would I or anybody else want to play as an average human in video games?

Exaggerating and accentuating a character’s form has been staple to character design even before Mickey Mouse was flailing around his noodle arms and stretching himself out like Mr. Fantastic in Steamboat Willie.  TRIGGER WARNING: it appears that Mickey Mouse violently assaults a cat at around 5:15 and then proceeds to sexually assault a duck.  He then assaults a family of feeding baby piglets before abducting their mother and  playing a musical number on her teats.

Fashion options for men and women are different.  What looks good on men might not look good on women and vice versa. What sort of revealing clothing might look good for a woman might look a bit silly on a man and vice versa.  While this has led to character designers taking more liberty with female nudity, it has also created a large discrepancy between female nudity and male nudity in media which isn’t exactly fair.  I will admit that there aren’t enough females in full suits of armor either, so i’d be happy to see more of that too.

One last thing that I’d not ignore when speaking on this topic is that most game designers and artists are men.  Character design is in some ways is reflective of that.  In no way is it misogynistic of a man to create art that he thinks is visually appealing.  That’s his job and his passion.  As it turns out, he’s probably going to design more women in revealing clothing than he will men.  There will also probably be a larger amount of games with male protagonists because the men creating the game might are more familiar with their own fantasies.  There’s nothing wrong with that, either.  One thing I have said and will say time and time again is that art is expression.  If you don’t like someone else’s art, don’t look at it.  Better yet, create art of your own.  There is nothing stopping you.  All of the tools are there, you just need to use them.

Or, you know, be outraged because that’s a fun way to go about living your life.  Makes you feel important, doesn’t it?

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  1. Schurge

    Its a shame we don’t have more man fighting in nothing but a gut-plate and blood-based body paint like the good old days in games. Also, hands off my Ivy, Anita!


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